Using Lemons To Lighten Your Skin

Many people do not know this, but lemon juice is a natural skin lightener. If you have dark areas on your skin that you would like to lighten, you should follow the advice given below. Give Your Skin A Little Spritz You can take a spray bottle and add equal parts of water and lemon

Skin Lightening For Pubic Areas

A lot of people are bothered by their dark skin within their pubic area. The problem occurs more so with African Americans than others. The area around the inner thighs is called the pubic area. It may cause a lot of embarrassment for being so dark, but you should not be too embarrassed because it

Skin Bleaching And Its Health Risks

Getting fairer skin is a desire for many people, but it is not always deemed to be a safe practice. Skin bleaching has been around for countless years and there are several ways to approach it. Yet, are there health risks involved with the practice and how severe are they? Should individuals be looking towards

Natural Skin Lightening With Honey

The skin on our faces has to put up with a lot of abuse. It is exposed to the sun every day, and also has to cope with exposure to rain, wind, cold weather, and the drying effects of central heating. Repeated exposure to the sun can cause abnormal pigmentation of the skin. Uneven darkening