Skin Care Concerns: Can Laser Scar Removal Cause Cancer?

Scarring is one of the most feared skin problems. The presence of scar tissue proves that the wound-healing process is almost done. There are wounds that heal perfectly, while some leave scars that are barely noticeable. Unfortunately, some people are prone to excess scarring; leaving them with massive scars. What’s worst about massive scarring is

What are the Top Skin Whitening Ingredients?

Everyone wants to look beautiful. Regardless one’s age or gender, it cannot be denied that everyone wants to look their best, especially when meeting other people.

Beauty Basics: My Skin Lightening Regimen

Many people want to have that glowing white skin. Some people were lucky to have natural alabaster skin, while others are struggling to attain it. Nonetheless, dark and dull skin is mostly caused by a lot of factors. First on the list is overexposure to the sun, pollution, poor lifestyle, medical conditions, dry skin and

How To Know Which Skin Lightener To Apply To Black Skin

Living with black skin does not have to prevent you from finding a way to change your skin tone. There is a way to lighten your skin, it just takes time to do it. People from all walks of life have constantly made different efforts to change things from the color of their skin, to