Best Facial Hair Bleaching Products That Work Every Time


Do you have a slight mustache above your upper lip, one that’s a little bit noticeable? This is a trait that many women have, one that needs to be taken care of in the right way. You have the option of shaving the hair off, but what you will inevitably do is have it grow back full of them before.

You can have it waxed off, but this still might cause the hair to return and perhaps grow even faster, so you are limited as to what you can do. What many people choose to do if they would prefer not waxing, is using facial hair bleaching products. This article will address some of the options that you have available, which products will work the best, and alternatives that you might want to consider.

Why Bleach Your Facial Hair?

Bleach Your Facial HairObviously, this only pertains to women that are starting to notice that as they get older, a small mustache is beginning to appear above their upper lip. It’s probably nothing to worry about, not the results of hormones gone wrong, but just a genetic predisposition to have this occur.

It could be that the genes on your father’s side are little stronger, prompting the development of upper lip hair that is unsightly to say the least. You can bleach this very easily using the right products, but you have to know which ones work the best, will not adversely affect your skin, and will provide the most natural, virtually invisible, results that you are seeking.

Alternatives To Bleaching Your Facial Hair

There are a couple alternatives to doing this with a kit that you can buy at the store. You have probably heard rumors of how simple hydrogen peroxide can do the same, and it can, but it depends on the type of care that you have, how much there is to bleach, and the amount of hydrogen peroxide that you use.

First of all, you’re going to have to mix this with ammonia which can be a very smelly process very about 10 drops of ammonia, mixed with around 14 g of hydrogen peroxide will create the proper potency of the bleach that you need. As long as you are able to leave it on for about 30 minutes before rinsing it off, you should see some positive results.

Tomato for skin bleachingAs always, do a test patch of skin to make sure that you are not going to break out in boils which is common with some of these bleaching creams, and if everything is okay, you can use this very cost effective alternative.

Other possibilities include lemon juice which can take care of the problem, but it’s a very mild bleach by comparison.

Tomatoes can be used, but they are not as effective, and although papaya is actually used in many countries for this purpose, especially around the Mediterranean, it’s simply not as effective as hydrogen peroxide with ammonia.

Best Products To Buy At The Store

You can actually buy several products at the store that can help you accomplish this same task. It’s always a good idea to go to a store like Amazon to compare what other people have said about the results that they have achieved. When you go to a regular supermarket, there is really no way to tell if one product is going to work better than the other.

Some people use the assumption that the more expensive product is the best one, but they will never know until they actually try the products out. Another thing to consider is the reputation of the company, if they have any other products on the market, and if people have had success with those. This is something that you should check if this is a newer product that is on the market, one that you have not tried, allowing you to have some confidence that it may work for you.

Sally Hansen productOne of the most highly recommended that you can buy is the Sally Hansen product, extra strength. This will allow you to easily lighten your girl mustache without adverse reactions to your skin.

As mentioned before, although it has been proven safe for most people, always do a test patch to make sure that it will work for you. Other products that you can buy include Jolen Creme and SPLAT, all of which come with very high reviews.

If you would prefer going the natural route, there are many ways that we have mentioned in this article for you to do this without having to purchase expensive products on the web or at your local store. For the most part, even if you do purchase a proven product, they are very cost effective, usually priced below $10.

The key is to find something that works for you, does not cause a bad reaction on your skin, and will work every single time. Through trial and error, and using the testimonials that you find on the web where these products are sold, you can probably find the best facial hair bleaching products right away, and choose the right one for you.


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