Best Skin Lightening Treatments For Men


The ability to lighten your skin is within the reach of most people in the modern world. Had you been born 100 years ago, your skin pigmentation could only be changed by doing simple things such as getting out in the sun. Suntan lotions did not exist, nor tanning creams, or any of the modern treatments that are used for lightening your skin.

skin lightening for men Today, if you would like to improve the way that your complexion looks, at the very least from a subjective standpoint, you have quite a few options that are available.

Although this type of treatment is typically reserved for women that are concerned about their overall complexion and looks, some men will also opt for skin lightening treatments for a variety of different reasons.

Let’s look at the different treatments that are available, and look candidly at skin lightening treatments for men that not only work very well but are extremely popular today.

A Brief Overview Of How Skin Pigmentation Occurs

The pigmentation of your skin will play a large role in a variety of factors related to your life. It will be a determining factor in regard to your race, your ability to tan, and avoid burning out in the sun. Pigmentation is caused by melanin which is a natural product that is made by melanocytes in your skin. Melanocytes are found throughout the body, specifically in the upper layers of your skin, and due to genetics, and exposure to UV light, your pigmentation will be light or dark.

vitiligo michael jacksonFor those that have normally functioning melanocytes, you should always have an even distribution of pigmentation on your epidermal layer. Due to factors such as oxidative stress, viruses, and a variety of other factors, this can be disrupted significantly.

Skin conditions such as vitiligo which has been popularized by major celebrities that have had this condition including Michael Jackson, it is a disfiguring condition in which blotches of skin become lighter than they should be.

This is because the melanocytes are no longer functioning properly, and to get them back in order, you can use UVB lights to jumpstart them back into production, or you can use skin lightening creams that can diminish melanin production in the surrounding skin cells.

Now that you have a brief understanding of how melanin production works, and why you have the pigmentation that you do, let’s look at how skin lightening treatments can actually be effective when trying to lighten your complexion.

How Do Skin Lightening Treatments Work

laser Treatments For MenThere are quite a few treatments that work very well when trying to lighten your complexion. These treatments can be pharmaceutically prescribed, or you may be able to use natural remedies. Laser treatments are also very popular for those that can afford them and they work very quickly and are effective.

The goal is to reduce the amount of melanin that is produced by the melanocytes, in order to effect this type of change. Let’s look at a few of the top products that are used in order to accomplish this.

Skin Creams For Changing Melanin Production

Your melanin production can be augmented by using both natural and template-based products. If you want to use something natural, there are many vitamins that you can use. Vitamin A, which is used by pharmaceutical companies to create Retin-A, a very expensive product that is used to help people reduce age spots and improve the appearance of wrinkles, can also help with reducing melanin production.

HydroquinoneVitamin C is a natural tyrosinase inhibitor which means that it will stop the amino acid tyrosine from being properly utilized in melanin production. If you’re looking for something that is chemically based, hydroquinone is always your best choice.

Although it is banned in some countries, it is sold in the United States as an over-the-counter drug at 2% concentration. Stronger doses can be obtained from your doctor with the prescription, going up to 4%.

This is used by individuals that have diseases like vitiligo where they are attempting to balance out the appearance of the skin which is now extremely light in color. Other chemicals include acids like Azelaic and Kojic acid which are derived from barley and rice, respectively.

Glutathione is another substance that can reduce the amount of oxidative damage done to the skin, but is also used as a skin whitening agent. All of these available products will certainly help lighten your skin. However, which one of them is the best for men that would like to have a lighter complexion?

Best Skin Lightening Products For Men

neutrogenaIf you are a man looking for an excellent skin lightening products, there are several that are available from Neutrogena. Nivea also has a particular lotion that can be used to lighten your complexion. Another one is made by Vaseline which is specifically for use on a man’s face.

If you want effective results, regardless of the product that you are using, hydroquinone should always be part of the ingredients.

The best skin lightening products for men is made by a company called Resist. The products that they have can effectively lighten your skin, some of them designed specifically for age spots that have appeared. Although the use of natural products that use mulberry can be helpful to some degree, when searching for products to lighten your complexion, especially for men, hydroquinone-based solutions are always the top choice.


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