Can Skin Bleaching Be Dangerous To You?


Skin lightening is practiced all over the world. Some people wonder if this can be dangerous to you. The short answer to that is: it depends on how you do it.

Skin lightening is the center of focus of many cosmetic companies. They spend millions of dollars conducting research every year to formulate the right combination of ingredients that can lighten and brighten skin effectively and safely.

banned whitening productsThere are products out on the market right now, made by global and well-known cosmetic companies, that promise will lighten your skin over a period of time. Those products have been tested for safety. If the consumer uses those products as directed, they can lighten their skin without risking danger to their health.

It is when people misuse or abuse skin lightening products that makes the situation dangerous. Any attempt to lighten one’s skin color should be discussed with a medical doctor or a dermatologist. They are the best people to determine if a method is safe.

Of course, human nature often tempts a person to go the unconventional way, using methods that have not been approved by the medical community, but which claim can deliver amazing skin lightening results. When a person uses and abuses unregulated methods and treatments like these, they put themselves in a dangerous situation.

When people talk about skin bleaching, it is really not like applying bleach to a dark colored sweater to make it look lighter. Your skin is not like that. The dark color of your skin is determined by the amount of melanocytes in your skin. These melanocytes produce a pigment called melanin.

The more melancocytes your skin has, the more melanin your skin will have, and the darker your skin becomes. The amount of melanocytes in your skin is impacted by various things. One major thing is your ethnic background. Your genetics gave you your hair color and the color of your skin. That is something at the DNA level.

melanin But as your skin produces new cells, you can control the amount of melanin that is produced. This is where skin lighteners come in. The skin lightener has ingredients that block the production of melanin.

When less melanin is produced, your skin will look lighter. As your old, discolored skin exfoliates regularly, your new, lighter skin will take its place. So, this is not bleaching the color out of your existing skin; it is growing new skin that is lighter.

Another thing that triggers the production of melanin in your skin is the sun. When your skin is exposed to the sun, melanocytes become active. That is why after a day out under the sun, your skin red, then it turns tan. It is the melanin at work under your skin.

There are products and treatments out there that can lighten your skin safely, but only if you follow instructions when you use them. Products containing hydroquinone at a 2% level can easily be found over-the-counter in retailers that sell beauty products. Hydroquinone inhibits the production of melanin.

When you apply this as directed, you will see results. Products with a higher concentration, like at 4%, are available from a dermatologist. These are more potent products, so they are more regulated. Again, you need to follow instructions given to you by your dermatologist when you any skin lightening treatment or product. That way, you will ensure your own safety.

HydroquinoneSome people have sought to undergo laser treatment to get of discolored patches on their skin. That is a quicker way to get the old skin to shed and promote the growth of new skin. The patient often have to go through multiple treatments over a period of time to get the desired results.

At the same time, skin lightening products are prescribed that will block the production of melanin in the new skin. People who underwent laser treatment report quicker results than just using skin lightening creams. However, it is very expensive.

Skin lightening is not a quick process, not even with the use of lasers. People who think that they can achieve faster results if they apply more product or go through laser treatment more frequently are not thinking about the safety on their health. After each treatment, the skin needs to rest and to rejuvenate. If it is subjects to too much over a short time, the skin can be harmed permanently.

Skin lightening requires patience for results to be achieved in the safest way. What good is lighter skin if it does not look healthy?

avobenzoneWhen undergoing skin lightening treatment, it is important to keep the skin away from the sun. Any exposure to sun radiation will trigger the production of melanin, resulting in darker skin.

Uneven exposure to the sun will give you uneven dark patches. Therefore, it is critical that you apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to your face before you go out everyday, even on cloudy days.

The sunscreen must contain any or a combination of the four most effective sunblock ingredients: avobenzone, mexoryl, zinc, or titanium dioxide. For more protection, you should also wear a hat with a wide brim, at least six inches wide all around. And lastly, avoid staying outside from the hours of 10am to 4pm when the sun is at its strongest.

If you follow the right instructions in skin lightening you will not subject yourself to any danger. There are many ways to lighten your skin safely if you use products as directed.


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