Common Symptoms of Rosacea Everyone Must Know


Rosacea and Acne skin conditions can be mistaken to be similar. In contrary, they are two different kinds of skin condition. Rosacea can be worse than getting a simple acne condition. It is because rosacea is not curable. Knowing the common and known symptoms of rosacea would be helpful in determining if you got it or not.

Getting flushes and redness on the face are few of the major symptoms of rosacea. Rosacea causes someone to get consistent flushes and redness on the face. These pustules or red bumps can be visible anywhere in the face such as the cheeks, nose, under the eyes, forehead, and chin. If you scratch or touch it so much, it can spread to your neck and chest. This is the reason why someone with severe rosacea condition must observe proper hygiene especially on the affected areas.

Rosacea typically starts in different stages and phases. During the pre-stage of rosacea, the victim experiences flushing and blushing quickly. Then they will develop to persistent redness on the face, commonly on the around the nose. This happens because of the dilation of blood vessels on your skin.

Vascular Rosacea- When the symptoms of rosacea get worse, it will develop to a vascular rosacea. This is when the victim get visible blood vessels on the cheeks, nose, and other parts of the face. When a rosacea victim is on this stage, the skin becomes so sensitive and oily. Therefore, being careful in touching and cleansing it is vital.

Inflammatory Rosacea- When rosacea becomes inflammatory, the victim gets pustules and red bumps that are really persistent to spread out all over the facial area. This can be bothering to the victim. Proper rosacea medication prescribed by the dermatologist might be helpful.

Ocular Rosacea- People with Ocular Rosacea usually experience symptoms that can lead to a serious eye problem as they experience bothering gritty and burning feeling in the eyes. It can cause the eyelid’s inner skin to get inflamed. This is the reason why it usually causes someone to get eyelid problem.

Rosacea does not cure or go away by its own; however, it can be managed, minimized, and controlled by using remedies and treatment prescribed by a skin doctor. Proper treatment is recommended. You cannot just use any treatment creams or remedies. It might not be ideal to your skin, especially if you have a sensitive one. So, of you have experience any of these symptoms, visit your dermatologist while it is still on its pre-stage.

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