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Many people suffer with blemishes and other issues related to their complexion. Whether it is dark and light splotches, acne scars or other issues, it is common today to look for solutions that can lighten dark patches, fade scarring and so on. Here we will look at natural ways to lighten skin.

When searching for skin lightening products it is necessary to be careful as some can be harmful to your skin. Some will even appear to work at first, but over time they do damage to your skin that leads you back to using the product again and again in a never ending cycle. Good for the company’s profit, but not good for you.

What Ingredients Are Bad?

1. Acids

alpha hydroxy acids alphaAscorbic and salicylic acids are found in some cosmetic products made to lighten skin. The hydroxyl acids alpha and beta are others that are commonly found in some cosmetic products that are sold as lightening creams for skin.

While these are promoted as natural, in the form they are found in cosmetics they often lead to dry skin that peels and turns red.

2. Hydroquinone

This has already been outlawed for sale in the U.K. and other countries, but may not yet be in yours. This product has been linked to having cancer causing properties and for most it leads to a cycle of skin that at first appears to look better, then goes back to its original state. This sets the user up for continuing the use of the product over a long periods of time which increases the likelihood of damaged skin or skin cancer.

3. Bleaches

Mercury is a metal that is toxic to the body and skin. Most bleaching products have this metal as part of their ingredients. Mercury is capable of penetrating skin and can cause a host of allergic reactions. Some of the reactions can be quite severe. Any product containing this metal should never be used.

What Are Some Natural Skin Whiteners?


Lemons for natural skin lightenersThis fruit has naturally occurring acids that can act as a bleaching agent that lightens skin while also containing significant quantities of vitamin C which helps protect skin.

Apply the fresh squeezed juice directly to the area you want to lighten. Another way is the take a cut lemon half and simply rub on the area you want to treat. Once you have applied it to the skin, you will want to leave it on for an hour and afterwards wash the area clean.

You should do this one time a day. This remedy has proven to be an effective skin lightener and helps prevent scaring of skin. If you want to add even more power than you can make a paste that combines the qualities of lemon juice together with turmeric. Mothers of India use this on teenage daughters to keep their skin from darkening in the constant sunlight.

Take 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder, a teaspoon of honey and mix in the lemon juice. Make a paste that is applied to the face. Because this is powerful formula you will only want to leave this on for 30 minutes. Then rinse the skin well, until completely clean. Do this for 3 days, then only every other day until you get the result you want.


orange Skin LightenersSimilar to lemons this has acids that are useful for a bleaching effect, and has high amounts of vitamin C which helps heal and protect the skin. If you have a good blender, take the peel of the orange and blend it until it is very fine. Take the orange itself and make into juice. Combine this with some honey and make into a paste.

Apply this paste to the area you wish to treat. Leave on for 20 or 30 minutes. Then rinse off. This is a powerful formula and should not be done more than twice a week. You might try it 3 times in a week, but as much as possible it is recommended that you do not exceed more than 2 times per week with this formula.


This food has lactic acid which is different from those found in fruits, but it is good for whitening skin. This is considered to be acceptable to all skin types.

natural yogurt for skinYou will want to use plain, natural yogurt. Add a table spoon of honey. Honey helps cleanse the skin and protect it from elements that can damage skin. Mix the plain yogurt and honey into a paste.

Apply this to the area to be treated and leave on for 15 to 30 minutes. Once the time has elapsed then rinse off thoroughly. This treatment can be done every day.

It really is not necessary to use harsh chemicals that end up doing more damage than they help heal. Use the natural applications given above and you will soon find you skin looking just the way you want.


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