15 Top Face Care Products to Clear All Your Skin Problems Quickly



A beautiful smileA beautiful smile and a healthy, glowing skin can win a million hearts. Your skin is the largest organ in the body, protecting you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and also helping your body to regulate its temperature.

Facial skin is especially sensitive and needs special care to keep premature aging and wrinkles at bay. The market is flooded with face care products catering to different types of skin. This article will give you an insight into which skin care products are the most effective.

What Type of Skin Do You Have?

Some people have oily skin, which may be prone to acne, leading to unpleasant scars and resultant stress, while some people are born with dry skin. Age is also a factor and with time, you may find your skin getting dryer as you experience more hot summers or dry, harsh winters.

Combination skin is common. It is a combination of both dry and oily zones on the face. This type of skin needs to be handled with care. The key is to find a product that pampers your skin type.

Knowing which are the best face care products will put you on the right track to caring for your skin. Here is a list of the best skin products that will put all your worries to rest.

1 . Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Cream: Natural Skin Care Products to Keep Your Moisturizing Worries at Bay

Facial skin is prone to aging fastFacial skin is prone to aging fast, thus falling prey to fine lines that may make you look considerably older. The problem intensifies for people with dry skin. Without a regular moisturizing routine, you may find your skin becoming flaky after every wash and can worsen through the day. No amount of makeup can hide a poorly cared for skin. Natural products, such as blackberry leaf extract, lychee seed extract and black tea ferment can bring back luster to dry, flaky skin.

Polysaccharides, on the other hand, are instrumental in reducing the visibility of fine lines on the skin. This healing cream brings the goodness of all these natural ingredients in a bottle and people with dry and normal skin can use it. Wash your face with a gentle face wash and apply the product to your skin, preferably twice a day, to bring back the glow on your skin.

This face moisturizer contains antioxidants which are present in black tea and Kombucha – a fermented blend of black tea that can be traced back to 250 BC. People in ancient China consumed this fermented drink to remain healthy and boost their immune system and it has been termed the ‘elixir of life’ for the probiotics that it contains.

2. Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion: One of the Best Acne Care Products

looked into the mirrorHow many times have you looked into the mirror in the morning and had an oily face staring right back at you? While a healthy glow is desirable, oily skin isn’t. One of the major perils of oily skin is also the breakout of acne, which is caused by clogged pores under the skin. Excess oil and dirt are the foremost contributing factors for clogged pores.

Tea tree effective lotion works to control oil effectively, keeping your skin glowing without drying it. It has an antibacterial effect on the skin, preventing bacteria from clogging pores. Your skin easily absorbs it, leaving you with soft, supple skin throughout the day.

The active ingredient is tea tree oil, which is popular since the ancient times for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It is native to Australia, where the native Aboriginal tribes have used this skin miracle since time immemorial.

3. Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration: One of the Top Face Care Products for Sensitive Skin That Stands Out in the Crowd

If you find that most products cause a reaction on your skin, or if your skin gets flushed easily, you may have sensitive skin. People with this kind of skin may often experience burning or irritation when they go out in the sun, or when they are exposed to pollutants, making it tough for them to care for their skin. Environmental factors and aging may contribute to skin sensitivity, while some people are born with it.

This therapeutic cream is a deep moisturizing one that makers have formulated especially for people with sensitive skin. It contains colloidal oatmeal, an ingredient that FDA has designated to embalm skin irritation and itching. You can use this cream on any part of your body where itching or irritation occurs.

Use it twice daily after you wash your face, in order to keep dryness and irritation at bay. It works by providing deep hydration and can even lessen the effects of eczema.

4. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence: Secret to Youthful Looking Skin Decoded

Youthful Looking SkinIt was purely by chance that the idea of a magic blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a host of other good acids was discovered. Pitera comes from fermenting a type of yeast, which is used in creating the traditional Japanese rice wine, Sake. The clear liquid forms the main ingredient of this essence, an elixir that gently removes dryness, dullness and uneven texture of skin.

Pitera works to speed up the skin’s metabolism process, expediting the regeneration and rebuilding process. Feel the fine lines and wrinkles fade away with a regular skin care routine with this moisturizing mist. Spritz some liquid on to the tips of your fingers and gently massage it in into the skin of the face and neck.

Using it twice daily helps the Pitera work better on your skin cells, thus rejuvenating them and boosting them up to heal faster.

This moisturizing mist comes in a standard size of five ounces, a value size of 11 ounces and a travel friendly bottle of 2.5 ounces. You can carry your own elixir wherever you go, in order to get youthful skin that never looked so good before.

5. Cell Renew Hydro-Plus Overnight Moisturizer: Discover the Magic With Best Anti-Aging Cream

Environmental factors, like pollution and certain lifestyle choices, can lead to premature skin aging, therefore making your face look dull and dry throughout the day. Highlighters and bronzers can only do so much.

The secret to youthful looking skin lies in having an effective anti-aging skin care regimen. This healing moisturizer is an overnight cream that moisturizes and restores the dead skin cells while you sleep, giving you bright and youthful-looking skin when you wake up.

It has the goodness of imperata cylindrica and sesame seed extracts, which work together to restore moisture and decrease wrinkle depth. Wake up to plumper-looking skin every day and watch your skin regain the lost youthful glow over time. This overnight moisturizer magically restores skin health, so you can halt time and keep looking your best all the time.

6. Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream: One of the Natural Face Care Products for Overnight Repair

Natural Face CareGo back to nature to restore your skin’s youthful glow and reverse the signs of aging quickly. This effective face cream, with super seven complex, is ruling the hearts of women with its astonishing quality to repair skin with regular use. It contains maca root extract, which boosts skin luminosity and expedite cell regeneration. Their Super Seven complex in this moisturizing cream hydrates the skin and boosts radiance.

This face cream brings together the goodness of blue-green algae extract, lotus flower extract, the extracts of hibiscus fruit, fig fruit and vitamins C and E. It has ingredients from the depth of the oceans and the wholesomeness of ingredients found in nature. It comes in 0.5 ounces and 1.7 ounces bottles, thus making it easy to carry with you even when you are travelling.

For best results, use it twice a day after cleansing the skin with your usual cleansing routine. It works throughout the day and night to restore hydration and make your skin soft and radiant.

7. Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener: Get Rid of Embarrassing Dark Spots with this Path-Breaking Formula

Dark spots begin to develop when the skin ages, with environmental f00actors like pollutants and UV rays being major contributors. Manufactures created Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightening serum to work on moles, freckles, acne scars, age and sun spots and dark patches on the skin, therefore giving your skin a glow from within.

It is one of the most popular face care products for black skin, working scientifically to reduce dark spots and giving you a flawless, airbrushed look.

The serum works by blocking UV rays and promoting healthy skin regeneration with organic, plant-based filters. Natural exfoliants, active vitamins, anti-oxidants, skin lightening extracts and oils reduce the production of melanin and help new, lightened cells rise to the surface. The result is a healthy, glowing complexion that is even and devoid of any dark spots.

Apply it on areas around the dark inner elbows, age spots, liver spots, hyperpigmentation and other problem areas for best results. You will see a change in as little as 28 days and the best results will come by after continued use for 90 days. This serum is suited for all complexions and is one of the best face care products for black skin.

8. Let’s Be Clear Facial Cleanser: One of the Best Face Care Products for Pregnancy

pregnancyPregnancy brings about a sea change in a woman’s life. Everything you do should be a carefully thought action, while keeping in mind the health of the unborn baby. Apart from healthy eating and exercising, take care of your skin care regimen too. There are many chemicals present in face care products, which may be harmful for the baby and you need to avoid them.

A proven formula that is good for skin that needs special care, the range of skin care products from Pretty Mommies contains natural ingredients. This formula constitutes a three step skin care system that pregnant women need. With Pretty Mommies, it’s all natural for you and your baby.

9. Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate: Stop Those Wrinkles with Anti-Aging Eye Cream

The skin is the largest organ in the body and it is vital that you take care of it regularly. The skin around the eyes is especially sensitive and prone to wrinkles and needs special caring. The useful eye cream works on the wrinkles, thus diminishing them visually and reduces puffiness and dark circles.

While most aging women are riddled with these skin problems, factors like lifestyle choices, food and sleep habits and environmental factors may contribute to younger women developing wrinkles around their eyes.

This eye concentrate works on all types of skin – normal, oily, sensitive, combination and dry – to provide holistic caring for your wrinkle problems.

10. Eve Lom Cleanser: One of the Top Cleansers for Acne and Blemish Prone Skin

wear makeupWhile it feels good to wear makeup in the morning, removing it at night becomes a tedious task, even though it was interesting in the morning. However, no matter how tired or lazy you feel before you  going to bed, it is an absolute must to remove your makeup, so that your skin can breathe and regenerate itself while you sleep.

This is one of the top cleansers for acne and blemish prone skin and is suited for normal, dry, sensitive, oily and combination skin types. It gently exfoliates and deep cleanses your skin, while removing traces of makeup and letting your skin breathe while you sleep. Sellers have priced the cleanser at around $80, and you can carry it in your overnight makeup kit while you travel.

11. Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser: One of the Top Men’s Face Care Products to Clear Away the Dirt and Grime

Men’s skin is considerably different from women’s and needs extra care to keep acne and blemishes at bay. Their skin is tougher and thicker with more sebum production than women, which is why breakouts may also be more frequent in men than in women.

A facial cleansing routine is as vital for men as it is for women. This detoxifying black cleanser helps reduce pore size and controls excess oil leaving the skin smooth and more balanced.

This formula removes dirt and oil, by opening the pores and gently exfoliating the skin. It contains artichoke leaf extract that works by visibly minimizes the pores and adds skin elasticity over time. Vitamin C and glycolic acid in the cleanser work on fading the dark spots and blemishes, leaving your skin glowing and even toned. Bid goodbye to uneven complexion with this top cleanser for men.

12. Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz: One of the Effective Face Care Products for Men that Spritz Away That Tired Look

for MenOften times, men take less care of their skin than women do, leaving them with dull, tired-looking skin. Since men have a rougher skin texture than women, their skin care needs are also considerably different from women. This facial spritz from The Body Shop comes in handy to brighten up your complexion instantly and over time.

Refresh, smooth and energize your skin after a day in the sun, or spritz some of this natural formula on your face before you leave for the day. Organic aloe vera and camu berry extracted from the depths of the Amazon forests work on producing more collagen for an even better skin.

Put it in your handbag when you travel for it comes in a travel-friendly bottle of 100 ml. Priced at about $19, it could quickly become the best facial care product you ever used.

13. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel: Popular Men’s Face Mask Peels Say Bye to Dullness

Bid goodbye to dull, tired skin and signs of aging with face mask peels formulated especially for men. Men have more enlarged pores than women and are prone to more dullness and uneven skin texture.

Manufacturers have formulated this peel to give your skin that glow and eliminate tiredness in just two minutes. This formula consists of a two-step peeling process and works to give you even textured skin over time with continued use.

It brings together the goodness of glycolic acid, salicylic acid and malic acid, all of which fight the signs of aging, reduce blockages on the skin and support the regeneration of natural collagen.

Another vital ingredient is Genistein, which supports the building of natural collagen levels. Keep looking young and even-toned with this naturally formulated facial peel for men by Dr. Dennis Gross.

14. Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask: Stem Cell Technology in a Beauty Mask for Beautiful Looking Skin

Beauty MaskStem cell technology comes to the rescue with this formula for healthier skin throughout the year. Rose stem cells, combined with rose extracts in this mask, work by promoting new cell turnover, getting rid of old, tired cells and building new ones. It is a cooling, soothing gel, which is free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates and works by fighting the signs of aging.

Cleanse your face before applying a thin layer of this gel and leave it on for about 10 minutes. You may also leave it on overnight for longer lasting results. Use it twice or thrice a week for noticeable results.

You can use it daily if you have stressed skin that needs intensive repair treatment. Both men and women can use this gel for youthful, glowing skin. Sellers have priced it at about $50 a bottle.

15. Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel: Fighting Unpleasant Zits with an Award-Winning Gel

AcneSome acne can flare up into dreadful zits, thus causing embarrassment and resultant stress. Despite a regular cleansing and moisturizing routine, it is not uncommon for a zit to breakout in the middle of the day or even overnight.

This effective gel is a handy solution for days when you see your skin flaring up. Keep this bottle handy, preferably in your purse for those days when a zit creeps up on you unannounced. Apply it as a spot treatment during the day. The clear liquid won’t cause you embarrassment in public.

You can use this gel overnight as a spot treatment or on the entire face if your skin is acne and zit prone. Sea whip extract in the gel soothes sensitive and redness-prone skin while the salicylic acid gently exfoliates the skin. With this award winning formula, you can bid goodbye to ugly spots and welcome new, even toned skin.

Most of the moisturizers don’t come with sunscreen, so choose from different formulations like creams, gels, liquids, loose powder, mousse or serum according to your individual preferences. For light to moderate exposure to the sun, you can choose formulations that contain SPF 30 or less, but if you are out in the sun for long hours of the day, choose something that has more than SPF 30.

A regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine is essential for men and women of all ages and it is a myth that you have to wait till your 30s to start taking care of your skin. Start early for better results and enjoy healthy looking skin for longer. And remember, it is never too late to start a skin care regimen, so if you have been waiting until now, start today. Healthy, glowing skin is something you all deserve and with a little perseverance you can enjoy an even complexion and tighter looking skin every day.

There are hundreds of products that could make it to this list of top face care products for both men and women. While it is vital to choose your product with care, it is also pertinent that some amount of trial and error goes into your product selection. Always look at the ingredients when you buy your cleansers, moisturizers and face masks and do your own research before picking up the right product.



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