Star Gazing: 17 Famous Freckled Faces We Love to Watch


When it comes to freckles, either you love them or loathe them. If you’ve seen the movie, Parent Trap, you probably thought Lindsay Lohan’s 11-year old freckled face was adorable. As soon as she reached adulthood, however; you may have started to wonder about her freckled face. Freckles are cute on children, but adults don’t always appreciate them, including yourself and those other celebrities whose faces are full of spots.

You surely can’t please everybody, but you can do something to show the people you embrace who you are, freckles included. Take your cue from these 17 freckled faces who learned to enjoy their spots and will make you say, “I am freckle faced and proud of it.”

Read more to find out who these freckled faces are, and perhaps, you can learn something:

1. Emma Watson: No Longer the Little Girl Who Played Hermione Granger

Emma Watson rocked your world when she first played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series. Since then, you may have seen her evolve from being a cute little girl with a strong British accent to a fine lady.

However, that’s not what makes Emma Watson extra special.

Apparently, she doesn’t need any spells to make her look appealing or to help her get rid of her spots. In August issue of Teen Vogue, Watson decided to show off her natural looks, and she rocked. In fact, she even looked younger than 23 – her age at the time of the shoot.

In the cover of the magazine, you can see Emma sporting her natural-looking brows and freckles, which were present in Harry Potter films, but you seldom see in the red carpet because of her makeup.

In case you are looking for some teen inspiration, the British star is definitely the one you should look up to because of how she handled what seems to be an issue for just about everyone else.

2. Lucy Liu: Charlie’s Freckled Angel – and Proud of It

You would think that freckles only affect people with red hair and fair skin. Apparently, it’s not always the case. Freckles affect all races and Lucy Liu might just be the best person to prove that.

For many women, freckles are skin issues they need to cover. Many women will go through expensive treatments, just to get rid of them. That is not the case for Lucy Liu. In fact, she could be one of the most famous actresses who flaunts her lovely freckles, and it is not surprising why.

The Charlie’s Angels’ star may not have prominent freckles compared to other celebrities. She has the right amount on her nose and cheeks, which adds a beautiful contrast to her skin tone. Do you want to know the best part: Lucy Liu is proud of them.

3. Emma Stone: Sharing Her Love-Hate Relationship with Freckles

Most of the guys fell for Emma Stone when she played Olive in Easy A. Since then, they’ve had a thing for redheads and find them equally attractive as other shades of hair. However, Emma Stone is different from her character in the said movie.

Did you know that Emma Stone is a natural blonde? When she was younger, she even covered her freckles with almost anything she could find. In fact, she admitted that there was a time she wanted to get rid of her spots and hoped for them to go away.

Of course, things are different now. She went from hating her freckles, to wanting to have more and learned to love her spots. Emma even sits for as long as she wants under the sun to get more freckles.

If you hate your freckles, don’t forget how Emma Stone hated hers once upon a time. You may even learn to love them, too.

4. Rashida Jones: The Funny Actress Who is Not Afraid to Show Off Her Spots

Do you watch the TV series Parks and Recreation? If you answered with a yes, then you might recognize the beautiful brunette named Ann Perkins. In real life, she is Rashida Jones.

If there is someone who became popular for their freckles, Rashida Jones is one of them. In fact, Jones doesn’t mind her spots and wears them proudly, both on and off the red carpet. This is also perhaps the reason why Leslie Knope referred to her character in the series as a “beautiful tropical fish.”

If you look at Rashida, you will see why – and her freckles could add more to that beauty.

5. Gisele Bundchen: The Supermodel Who Is Not Scared to Bare Her Skin

You might say, if you had the height, body and beauty of Gisele Bundchen, you wouldn’t mind being photographed wearing almost anything – from a string bikini to the most majestic long gown. However, there is something this Brazilian beauty has that makes her among the most beautiful women in the planet.

Do you want to know what this is? It’s her freckles.

The supermodel’s freckles may not be as noticeable compared to others. Still, most of her untouched photos will reveal that Gisele did spend time under the sun, with freckles showing on her face.

The sexiest part about this: she is not afraid to bare it all. She is comfortable in her own freckled skin, which makes her even more stunning. Take it from the supermodel herself and learn to be proud of your own.

Read on to learn about other famous people who are not afraid to show their freckled faces.

6. Olivia Munn: Proof Even the Heaviest Makeup Can’t Hide Freckles

You might recognize her for her roles in Date Night, Iron Man 2, Magic Mike, The Babymakers, and Freeloaders. You also saw her in Chuck, Greek and The New Girl. Olivia Munn may not be the most in-demand actress in Tinseltown, but she surely has something to offer to the talent table.

If you pay attention and look at her closely, you will notice that Olivia Munn shares the same situation with the other celebrities on the list: the presence of freckles. Just like the other freckled celebrities, she is embracing them, too and proud of them.

The surprising part is even the heaviest makeup can’t conceal her spots – and she prefers it that way. When on red carpet, Olivia prefers highlighting her eyes and lips and gives her freckles the attention they deserve. Still, it doesn’t matter. She looks stunning anyway.

7. Gemma Arterton: The English Beauty Who Proves Freckles Are Gorgeous

Prince of Persia, James Bond: Quantum of Solace, and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters – these are only some of the movies Gemma Arterton did in just the span of eight years. Since then, it is hard not to recognize this English beauty, together with her accent.

There is a reason why Gemma Arterton is on the list, and it is because of her freckles. You may not notice it easily, especially when she played the role of a princess, or worked hand-in-hand with James Bond to help track down the bad guys.

When she is on the red carpet and you zoom in closely, you will see that she has the same spots on her face, but it doesn’t matter. Just a bit of blush and eye shadow, and her freckles surely look beautiful on her face.

How can you say no to that gorgeous freckled face?

8. Mischa Barton: Wearing Her Freckles with Pride

When you hear the name Mischa Barton, one of the first things that comes to mind is The O.C. This Fox teen drama series is about a group of teenagers and their families living in the affluent seaside community of Orange County, California.

Think about Gossip Girl, but in a different setting.

One of the main characters in this TV series is Mischa Barton, and yes, she has fabulous freckles, too. When she left the show during the third season, most of its loyal viewers agreed that The O.C. would never be the same without this stunningly-freckled beauty.

Some people may think that her freckles would hold her back and her success may have to wait. Apparently, it is not the case for Mischa. They loved her freckled face so much, she even modeled for Neutrogena and became the face of Herbal Essences shampoo.

What does this mean?

In case you feel that your freckles are holding you back, remember Mischa Barton – and this next celebrity she worked with who also have freckles. Don’t allow yourself to think that beauty is about having spotless face. It’s also about what makes you special – and freckles can do just that.

9. Rachel Bilson: Showing Off Her Freckles Marching Across Her Cute Face

Aside from Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson is also among the cast of the popular Fox series, The O.C. Just like her co-star, Bilson comes with freckles, too – and she is not hiding them. In fact, she is among the famous celebrities who are proud of their faces.

Here’s the best part: Rachel Bilson wears her freckles flawlessly, together with her gorgeous caramel hair highlights. It makes you want to go straight to the beach and hope to have the same effortless summer look.

1o. Keeping the Freckles Look Sexy with Julianne Moore

You may not notice the freckles of President Coin, played by Julianne Moore, in the Hunger Games: Mockingjay installment. When she is not employing military tactics or organizing and making sure that District 13 is safe from the Capitol, Julianne Moore can’t wait to show off her freckles, and not just on her face, but also all over her body.

Yes, her body, including her lovely long arms.

Julianne Moore is among the most popular freckled celebrities in Tinseltown and she is not about hiding them. In fact, she released a book entitled Freckleface Strawberry, which talks about a redhead, seven-year old young girl with freckles. In the book, Freckleface Strawberry, she hated her freckles so much, that she tried to scrub them off, scribble them out with a felt-tip pen, and pulled a balaclava over her face until no one recognized her.

It may be a children’s book, but the story teaches both young girls and adults one of the most important lessons in life: to love one’s own skin. It teaches you to embrace your unique look and learn how to be proud of who you are. After all, the things that make you different makes you, you.

Is the book based on Moore’s personal experience? Perhaps. After all, Julianne Moore described Freckleface Strawberry as her seven-year old self. In fact, all the things the kids said in the book like, “Does it hurt?” and “Hey, what happened to you?” were said to her in real life.

It’s amazing how this so-called “flaw” to some could help empower people and teach you to love and accept who you are. Keep reading to find out the other freckled celebrities who are telling you to stand up and be proud of your fancy freckles.

11. Last Night at Band – or Freckles – Camp with Alyson Hannigan

You might remember Alyson Hannigan as Michelle in American Pie. Then she became Lily in the now-defunct How I Met Your Mother. Aside from playing these popular roles, there is something worth noting about her: her fantastic freckles.

You may not notice them because of the heave stage makeup, but Alyson Hannigan is among the freckled celebrities who are not ashamed of them at all. In a recent beach trip with her family, the 40-year old mother of two showed off her bikini body to celebrate her birthday. Surely, she was not scared to show off her freckles too, which blends well with her porcelain-white skin.

She did look great in her two-piece bikini, too. She is definitely a fitspiration for all the moms who want to jumpstart with their weight loss goals.

And the freckles are just the frosting on her beautiful cake.

12. Walk Down the Freckled Runway with Bar Refaeli

It was one Friday night at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. A woman walked inside wearing a white sweatshirt with the word “Peace” written on it, blue skinny jeans and brown suede ankle boots. She doesn’t have any makeup on, yet she is absolutely stunning.

As the people in the area looked closer, they noticed she is familiar. It was Bar Refaeli, an Israel-born, Sports Illustrated cover girl. Everyone was mesmerized with her perfect, au naturel look, including the freckles she was sporting. In fact, she might be one of the blessed women who doesn’t need makeup in order to stand apart in the crowd.

Here is the sexiest part: she sports her freckles casually and she is proud of them.

No wonder she and Leonardo di Caprio dated for six years. She even walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret. After all, how can you say no to that famously freckled, natural beauty?

13. Pretty Woman: Julia Roberts and Her “Dirty” Freckles

The concept of beauty may be subjective. You may have a different perception of beauty, which other people may not agree with at times. With all these differences in defining what beautiful means, someone may mistakenly tell even the most popular actress in Hollywood that she is not perfect or beautiful enough for the role.

Take the case of Julia Roberts.

In one of her interviews, the A-list actress revealed that one director wanted her to remove her freckles for a movie role because it made her face look dirty – or two freckles to be exact. Of course, this didn’t affect her and her performance as an actress, and she has several awards to prove that.

What’s the point? Don’t let others dictate what you should and should not look like, especially if it is unreasonable. You are in control of your body. If someone says your freckles make your face look dirty, then don’t mind them. Your freckles are what make you unique as a person.

14. Sporting Freckles a la British Supermodel, Kate Moss

Kate Moss brought something new in the world of modeling. Back in the day where tall women ruled the runway, here comes Kate Moss at five feet, seven inches tall. She was herself – fresh face, snaggle teeth, cellulite, and freckles on her face – none of which detracted from her devastating beauty.

Because of her baby-like features while she was even in her 40’s, it’s not surprising that men flocked towards her and wanted to get her attention. There was Johnny Depp, Jefferson Hack, Pete Doherty and Jamie Dornan, among others.

If there is anything you can pick up from Kate Moss, it’s about being proud of yourself. She is not the typical supermodel you will see, and yet she was able to make a name for herself.

This proves everyone is beautiful, no matter their imperfections, which can even add charm and character to their overall look.

15. Say Hello to Your Freckled Lawyer, Meghan Markle

Admit it. When you see Rachel Zane of Suits, you can’t help but look at her pretty face and perfectly-toned body. She is hot and she sure knows it. Apparently, this is not what makes Meghan Markle so special.

Are you wondering what sets Meghan Markle apart from the other character in Suits? Aside from the Louboutins and pencil skirts in this hit TV series, Meghan has tons of freckles, too, just like the other celebrities in our list.

Unlike other celebrities, freckles suit Meghan’s face and skin tone well. You may not notice it at first because of the layers of Hollywood makeup, but once she bares it all, you might be surprised to see how good she looks. In fact, her freckled, natural face looks even better.

Does she want to get rid of those marks? Probably not. Without those freckles, the look of this smart and stunning paralegal would never be the same. At the same time, she looked prettier baring her face with her freckles intact.

16. Kendall Jenner: From Teeny Bopper to a Freckled Supermodel

You might not notice her freckles since most of the time, Kendall Jenner is dolled up and ready to walk the runway. With a glam squad ready in action, it is rare to see your favorite Keeping Up with the Kardashians star baring her face sans the makeup.

Thankfully, there is Instagram. In her personal account, the 20-year old supermodel in the making shared with her 24 million and growing followers her flawless face for everyone to see. However, it’s not her pretty face or perfect brows that caught many people’s attention. It is her freckled face, just above her nose and cheekbones.

Kendall may not have as many freckles compared to other freckled celebrities, but still, she rocked the look. Here’s something you should know about Kendall and her freckles: you might say it’s just one of the cosmetic procedures she went through to achieve her current look. It is not the case for Kendall. There were tons of pictures taken when she was younger, together with sister, Kylie, which showed off her freckles and proved that they are natural.

This only shows that Kendall was born with them, and sadly, ad campaigns and Photoshop hid Kendall’s natural yet supermodel look, including her attractive freckles.

17. Erin Heatherton: The Victoria’s Secret Angel Who Is Proud of Her Freckles

It is hard not to recognize Erin when she is on the runway. When she is not wearing her wings, this perfectly proportioned beach babe with sun-stippled skin is proud to show off what’s on her face: Her cute sprinkle of freckles.

Here’s her issue: While she admits that some of the results were satisfying, she still expressed frustration on how Photoshop changed the way she and the other models look. Apparently, she is not exempted.

Erin may be proud of her freckles but the magazine companies are not. She shared how her natural freckles, particularly those concentrated in the nose are, are often digitally enhanced to make her look different. For Erin, it is a bittersweet story that makes your look better. At the end of the day, it is still a lie.

Follow the footsteps of this Victoria’s Secret angel when it comes to loving your skin. If she is proud of her spots, then there is no reason why you can’t be happy and proud, too.

Things You Need to Remember

It’s a proven fact that every person is different. At the same time, every component in your body, including moles, freckles and even scars are a part of who you are as a person.

You might loathe your freckles and even blame your genes for them; however, keep this in mind: If these 17 famous celebrities learned to love their youthful spots, then you should, too. The first step towards this is to learn to accept that your freckles are part of who you are as a person. Then read through this list and you might pick up something to help you manage and accept your fantastic freckles – the Hollywood way.


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