Guide on How to Get a Healthy Glowing Skin


No one wants to look like they spent their entire day inside an oven or in a roasting pit. No one wants to look like they are also part of a vampire club. But, there is a fine line between looking pale and healthy that is why you must the tricks and tips people in the city use on how to get a healthy glowing skin without a trip to the nearest beach about a thousand miles away.

Getting a Sun-less Tan to Keep Your Skin Aglow

One of the proven ways on making your skin look like it is positively glowing is to just visit the nearest sun-less tanning spa and get a mini tan. A mini tan is a shade between baked and burnt. Make sure you specifically inform your assistant that you want a healthy glow that looks healthy and not like you have been in the Caribbean for a month stay already. These technicians are usually well aware of this and will be able to give you a sun-less tan that definitely looks healthy. These fake tans are the standbys of people who have no time to hit the beach but still know that a healthy glowing skin means that they are having the time of the their lives.

Up Your Intake of Fruits and Vegetables

woman eating fresh vegetables, saladInclude in your diet generous servings of fruits and vegetables each meal time. Make sure you get as many servings of fruits and vegetables everyday so that you will benefit from all the vitamins and minerals they come in. There is no need to go vegetarian but it is said that the more fruits you take in your system, the skin will be positively glowing, and that is how to get a healthy glowing skin without doing so much.

Avoiding the Sun As Much As Possible

Contrary to what many people think, we only need a few minutes of direct sunlight each day to get enough Vitamin D to thrive. Any more minutes after that, you increase your chances of metabolizing your cells to turn in cancer cells. When you get the required few minutes of sunlight, you are already getting enough Vitamin D and that is how to get a healthy glowing skin. You do not need to spend hours basking under the sunlight to really benefit from this free energy source.

So, with all these tips and tricks, there is no need to book flights and take trips out of the country to get a glowing skin, you can stay in your urban jungle and still look wonderful.


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