Is Skin Lightening For Dark Spots For You?


skin lightening for dark spotsWhen a person is born, the skin is almost perfect. Not one single blemish is normally found, unless you are born with a rare skin disease. The skin on a baby or child is glowing, fresh, wrinkle free, and healthy.

When you are in your 20’s your skin is still very fresh. Normally there are no dark spots, and you do not have to wear makeup to cover up the flaws, only to bring out your natural beauty; nothing else!

Once you are in your mid 30’s you may start to realize, “Hey, I should have taken better care of my skin!” Years of sun exposure can cause damage to the skin, leaving dark spots, commonly know as age spots. We now realize we need to take immediate action! Good news, there are products out there to help.

Is skin lightening for dark spots for you? If you have ever woke up, looked in the mirror and wondered, “What happened to my skin?” Skin lightening may be for you. In the past you were probably told to rub lemons on your dark spots and they would lighten the dark spots or make them disappear. I don’t know about anybody else, but I never experienced the lightening or fading of dark spots.

If you are a woman, makeup can lighten a dark spot, but if you have a lot of dark spots it may be difficult to cover them all. There are now products on the market that claim to lighten or remove dark spots all together. You may want to do your research and find out if this is true or not. Dermatologists may be able to help with a solution, but if you are not ready to use dermatologists there are some things you can do.

Before you think about buying a product, think about the reasons for the dark spot. What causes them? Some times it is sun exposure, sometimes it is “In the genes”, or family history, but at times it may be that your skin has uneven tone. You may not have a serious medical problem. You just may need to find a product that will even out your complexion and not worry about it harming your skin.

Maybe skin lightening for dark spots is for you. Many have use skin lightening products and been satisfied with the results. Some people say that the products that they have used have actually helped to even out the complexion and even lighten dark spots or caused them to disappear all together.

Some products work and some products do not work very much at all. You may want to read magazines and see what Hollywood celebrities are using and what they like. You may want to pay close attention to commercials, Ad’s in women’s magazines.

Pay attention to skin care companies, who have a good reputation for their products doing what they say they will do. Make sure that products have been tested on animals. If a product claims to be good for people with sensitive skin, then it would be safe to try on a human.

There are so many skin lightening products out there. Which skin lightening for dark spots products will work for you? Your skin determines that. If you have sensitive skin, look for products that say they are for sensitive skin. Don’t fall for a product that is a very expensive name, sometimes you are just paying for the name. Ask around first. Your friends, coworkers, or family will tell you which products really work.

Sometimes the ones that cost the least amount of money are the ones that work the best. Take a product from Olay called, “Pro-X Tone correcting Protocol”. It promises to treat the 5 root causes of uneven skin tone and restore a lighter, brighter look to the skin. It is relatively inexpensive compared to some high end products from department stores, which target the wealthy consumer. You can buy this product for around $36.

What other skin lightening for dark spots products can be used? You have a huge list available. Clinique skin correcting, price may vary slightly from each department store, or check out their website at Neutrogena is known for the inexpensive products that they put out. Neutrogena spot corrector is clinically proven to work. This is a company that has a good reputation for their products doing what they claim (each individual’s results may vary).

Products like L’Oreal Paris claim to give an even tone to the skin and to prevent future problems with the skin. Strivectin is another product that claims to lighten dark spots. Murad Rapid Age is a product that can be found at for around $60.00.

There is a product from called Elure Advanced from around $117. I have never heard of this product before, but it can be found at Macy’s for around $25, it is called Fashion Fair Vantex. Porcelana Skin can be found at for around $8.00.

If you are not sure about the right lightening products, you can visit online resources like,, and There are a lot of dark spot lighteners, and there are a lot of consumer websites you can go to and read about the top products and the worst products.

With a little research, asking family, friends, and coworkers or even dermatologists, you will be able to buy a product that is cost effective and that will do what it claims. After all, we don’t want to spend a lot of money to find out that a product does not work. Research, research, research!

If you want a skin lightening for dark spots product that works, and leaves your skin in almost perfect condition and you want that flawless look you had in your 20’s; then you will have to determine what product will work for you. Keep in mind that just because it is more expensive, doesn’t mean it works!


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