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Dealing with skin that is having problems such as discolorations caused by scars, or if you are diagnosed with having vitiligo, causing your skin to have blotches that need to be matched up more evenly with the remaining skin that surrounds the area, you can actually have certain treatments done that can help you with this problem including using skin lightning creams, laser treatments and also skin lightening pills.

These are pills that you will have to get us a prescription from your doctor, something that only a physician can give you a prescription for. Depending upon other medications that you are taking and your current condition, they may find that these types of pills are the best ones for you.

Reasons That People Lighten Their Skin

African-Americans facial complexionThere are both psychological reasons, and actual reasons, as to why children and adults will lighten their skin color. You have probably seen African-Americans that have a much lighter complexion facially then you would imagine, as a result of using skin bleaching creams.

From a psychological standpoint, many of them believe that is to their benefit to have a complexion that is much lighter, believing that it will lead to more acceptance, especially if they are trying to get a job at a location that is predominantly white. Other people have skin conditions as mentioned before which can cause blotches, or they could have scars that they would like to even out in regard to the rest of their skin.

So whether this is for reasons of acceptance, vanity, or a way to simply improve upon the way that they look by limiting the amount of scars that may be visible on their face, or other parts of the body, the ability to lighten your skin is a choice that each person can make.

Different Treatments For Skin Lightning

there are several different treatments for lightning your skin which may work for you, whereas others may not. For some people, especially those that have sensitive skin, the use of lasers can be quite dangerous.

If you burn easily, this is something that you will have to tell your dermatologist before they use any of the particular treatments that they have available. The same is true with some skin lightning creams, and there are other options such as skin lightning pills.

Overview Of Skin Lightning Pills

ivory caps for skin lighteningThere are a couple different pills that you can take, some of which are sold over-the-counter. The names of the different products include Ivory Caps, Near add Your Skin, and Beautyclue. Some of these contain high amounts of vitamin C which is known to help lighten your complexion. Other natural ingredients will include grape seed extract, vitamin E, and alpha-lipoic acid.

It is recommended that you take these products over a period of several weeks in order to start seeing a difference. The reason that these are more popular than skin lightning creams is that your entire upper epidermal layer will begin to lighten up.

This makes it possible for you to not look very strange with only your face of a lighter complexion. It works for some people, and depending upon your race, and how much pigmentation that you have in your skin, many people have seen excellent results.

Dangers Of Skin Lightning Pills

These pills are usually very safe in that you are not actually taking a potentially lethal dose of these natural supplements to simply lighten up your complexion. However, some people may need to take more in order to see results, which is why you need to work directly with your dermatologist.

If you are taking any types of medications, the large amounts of these vitamins, minerals and herbs can potentially cause adverse effects. By working with both of these medical professionals, and taking the recommended dosage which has been tested by the many companies that make these pills available, you should be able to start noticing a difference.

Dermabrasion If you are dealing with a situation where vitiligo has shown up and you need to simply even out certain areas of your skin, hydroquinone and other creams are recommended over taking the pills.

Likewise, if it is a scar that you are dealing with, these pills will not help lighten them up, something that only skin lightning creams and different types of procedures including laser treatments and dermabrasion, can actually make a noticeable difference.

The goal of those that typically take these skin lightning pills is to lighten their skin to a small degree, something that these pills can almost always safely do.


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