Natural Skin Lightening With Honey


spring make up blogThe skin on our faces has to put up with a lot of abuse. It is exposed to the sun every day, and also has to cope with exposure to rain, wind, cold weather, and the drying effects of central heating. Repeated exposure to the sun can cause abnormal pigmentation of the skin.

Uneven darkening of your face is a normal reaction to the stresses and challenges of day to day life, but if you would like to get your skin back to its even, glowing natural color then the good news is you can do so using natural skin whitening treatments.

Chemical Skin Whitening is Dangerous

Chemical skin whiteners are incredibly harsh. They contain topical steroids and powerful bleaches such as hydroquinone. These substances should not be used without the supervision of a qualified doctor or dermatologist.

Using steroid creams on a daily basis can thin your skin, worsen rosacea and other skin conditions, and cause problems with your body’s natural hormone production. In addition, hydroquinone can damage your skin causing scars, irritation and rashes.

Most dermatologists agree that skin whitening creams should not be sold over the counter, and the FDA is considering banning the use of many of the active ingredients in the creams. If the ban goes ahead, skin whitening creams will be available on prescription only, which is a good thing from a health and safety point of view.

Natural Skin Whiteners

ayurvedic recipesIf you have naturally fair skin, and just want to get rid of minor discolorations, then you can use natural skin whitening preparations. One of the main ingredients of natural skin whitening preparations is honey.

The reason for this is that honey is a natural emollient. It helps to make your skin softer, and soothes inflammation and irritation, allowing the other ingredients in the preparation to bleach the skin.

Usually, lemon juice is the active ingredient that actually bleaches your skin. A typical preparation would contain two parts honey to every one part lemon juice. Stir the ingredients together and then rub them over your face and let the paste soak in for about 15 minutes before washing it off. You will need to apply the mixture once a day for about a month before you see results.

Another popular recipe uses a mixture of banana, dermatological clay, aloe vera gel and honey. This mixture produces a much thicker paste that has a refreshing and revitalizing effect on your skin. You leave this paste on your skin for 30 minutes. The best thing about this paste is that it needs applying only twice per week, and results typically start to show after just two weeks.

Do Natural Skin Whitening Creams Really Work?

skin lightening ampoulesNatural skin whitening creams can be incredibly effective at lightening the skin of people who are naturally fair skinned and who just want to get rid of some undesirable dark patches. If you are dark skinned and actually want to change your skin colour then these creams cannot help you.

Instead of wasting time and effort on these treatments, or risking your health by using unregulated skin whitening creams, talk to a doctor or a dermatologist to get a prescription for something safe and effective.

Natural skin whitening preparations do not just lighten your skin, they also help to make your skin look more youthful and vibrant, and can clean out the pores, ridding you of spots, blemishes and unsightly dry patches at the same time.

Can You Use These Creams if You Have Rosacea?

Rosacea sufferers have to be very careful about what they put on their skin. Chemical skin treatments that contain hydroquinone or steroids are not suitable for use by rosacea sufferers, or people with dermatitis. Honey and lemon based skin whitening creams are safer, as long as the sufferer is not allergic to either of those ingredients.

womanOne thing that rosacea sufferers must be aware of is that anything that acts as an exfoliating agent may make their rosacea appear worse because it strips away the upper layer of the skin, revealing the younger skin underneath, but also making the capillaries appear closer to the surface. If the sufferer’s skin is then irritated through exposure to the elements, or exposure to direct sunlight, then they may have a severe rosacea attack.

Skin whitening is something that should be approached with care. Natural skin whiteners made of ingredients from a household kitchen, such as honey, lemon, almonds or even potato (potatoes also contain a small amount of natural bleach) will not cause any harm to someone who does not have allergies to any of those ingredients. Recipes that call for real bleach or other chemicals, however, should be regarded with suspicion. If you would not consume something, be wary about putting it on your skin.


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