Proven Skin Whitening For Armpit Discolorations


There is a condition known as vitiligo where people can develop white patches on their skin. This typically happens on their hands, arms, and face, but it can happen in a variety of other areas of the body. When this occurs, you are going to have to get some form of treatment that can help you resolve the problem.

It begins with essentially convincing the melanocytes within your skin to start producing melanin once again, the natural pigment that gives all people the color of their skin, to start producing normally. One place that this can happen is under your armpits, and the following information will help you choose the right product to help you with this condition.

Problems With Skin Pigmentation

pigmentationThe first area that needs to be addressed is in regard to problems with skin pigmentation that some people may have. This goes back to looking at their genetics, nationality, and how much pigmentation they typically have, even after a short time in the sun, factors that must be understood when trying to determine a proper treatment option.

The most common problems that people have with skin pigmentation is that it is either too dark or too light. For those that have darker patches of skin, these are usually the result of scarring in which the skin has grown back with excessive amounts of melanin production causing the injured areas that have healed to look too dark.

Other people have skin that is too light, and this is the result of a condition that is called vitiligo. Essentially, you have the opposite effect with scarring as the melanocytes failed to produce enough melanin, and depending upon where this occurs on your epidermal layer, it can make for an unsightly and embarrassing skin condition.

In order to treat scars, skin lightening creams are used, or even lasers to solve the problem. For those that have vitiligo, here is an overview of what you can expect in regard to treatment options, and how this ties directly into treating skin problems in the armpit area.

What Is Vitiligo?

vitiligo pigmentationAlthough there is no one reason that this actually occurs, many people that have had this condition may develop it as a result of immune system problems, excessive amounts of stress in their lives, and a host of other problems related to their health.

There are different types of vitiligo including that which is non-segmental, showing some form of symmetry in regard to where the depigmentation of the skin has actually occurred. The classes within this type of vitiligo include vocal, universal, and generalized.

Essentially, it can appear on your fingers, or randomly distributed areas throughout the body, all of which can be treated to some degree when the right topical cream or medical treatment is applied. The other type is segmental vitiligo which is almost always attributed to some type of illness related to the spinal cord or dorsal roots. It’s easy to treat, especially if it is an autoimmune problem, something that your doctor will be able to help you resolve right away.

Treatments For Vitiligo

The easiest way to treat this particular condition is to use what is called phototherapy. In the same way that skin naturally produces more melanin when exposed to the sun, by stimulating the melanocytes with a specific band of ultraviolet radiation, after a period of several weeks, the discoloration should start to diminish by inspiring the melanocytes to begin producing melanin again.

Although it can be different for each person, both broad-spectrum, and narrow band UV light rays can help remedy the situation. The doctor has to be careful in that it can cause burns when it is applied in too high of a concentration, which is why narrowband ultraviolet B is the choice of most dermatologists that are treating this condition.

Treating Vitiligo In Your Armpits

arbutinIf you are going to use some form of skin lightening cream in order to match the lighter skin caused by the vitiligo in the armpit area, this will work just as well as laser treatments when you are using products such as hydroquinone or arbutin.

Both of these products, as well as tretinoin, have been shown to reduce the production of melanocytes, which is why these creams are often used for people that have scars on their skin. When trying to even up the skin surrounding your armpit, and that which is in the armpit area, these creams can do a nice job of making everything look similar.

The same is true for laser treatments that are able to even out these areas, but your dermatologist will likely try to regenerate where the vitiligo currently is. By stimulating the melanocytes with lasers as mentioned above, you can start to see your skin looking more normal in the armpit area using either skin lighteners or laser treatments to get things back to normal.


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