The Secret Qualities of the Best Skin Whitening Body Lotion


In beauty stores, among the most popular items are skin-whitening lotions. These lotions differ in brand names. They also differ in terms of ingredients. There are even lotions specifically made for people with naturally dark skin tones. Although these lotions vary, all have the same purposes – to make the skin lighter and to even skin tone.

Pigmentation: Melanin and Skin Color

hyperpigmentation on dark skinThe pigment melanin determines the color of people’s skin. It also determines the color of the hair and the iris. Caucasians are fair-skinned, because the level of melanin in their body is less.

Conversely, Africans and Asians are dark-skinned, because they have more melanin. However, regardless of race, people use skin-whitening lotions in the attempt to make a naturally fair skin even fairer or turn a naturally dark skin whiter.

What Makes Up the Best Skin Whitening Body Lotion?

The market never runs out of skin and body lotions; however, which skin whitening body lotion is the best? It is vital for people to know the answer to this question, given that the use of the wrong product is potentially harmful. This is true not only to the skin, but to a person’s overall health, as well. Aside from knowing the best products, it also pays to know the worst. This way, you can avoid them.

grape seed oilThe best skin whitening body lotion should be an all-in-one product. Meaning, you get all the benefits, but only pay for the price of one. Aside from being a whitening lotion, the product should also serve as a moisturizer. It should be able to give a hydrated and smooth skin. The best lotion should also serve as a dark spot corrector.

Top-rated skin and body whitening plus hydrating lotions should have grape seed oil. Based on experts, this is the best oil for the skin regardless of skin type. Grape seed oil has high amounts of Vitamin C, which promotes healthy and brighter skin. There are also skin care products for the areas around the eyes and neck that include this oil. They are ideal to use, since they help reduce fine lines.

Whitening and moisturizing lotions should also have olive oil. This oil is great for people with extremely dry skin. Aside from providing intense moisture, it is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants play a big role in fighting free radicals. These free radicals make the skin dull and dry.

Sunflower OilAnother potent ingredient is sunflower oil. This oil is as effective as olive oil, but costs less. Skin whitening lotions with this oil are even good for people with stretch marks and scars.

Skin and body whitening lotions that are, at the same time dark spots correctors, should be potent in lightening freckles. Most of these products contain aloe vera, honey, lemon extract and/or tea tree oil. The best items in the market also have light reflectors.

These reflectors create an instant luminous effect on the skin while gradually improving skin tone. Aside from dark spots, the best products also fight acne and age spots.

The best skin whitening body lotion in the market should also be able to provide protection from the sun. Meaning, it should have enough Sun Protection Factor, or SPF. Skin experts say skin care products with higher SPF can block more harmful UV rays. However, it does not mean that if you are using a whitening lotion with SPF, then you can expose yourself to the sun for hours. Less sun exposure does not only make your skin whiter, it also saves you from the risk of skin cancer.

Woman applying sunscreenThe finest skin and body whitening lotions with sunscreen are products that can protect people against UVA and UVB rays, alike. These are lotions containing zinc oxide. When using the lotion, apply a liberal amount. When exercising or swimming, it is better to reapply every two to three hours. This is because sweat and water tend to remove the lotion from the skin.

Reviews of the best skin whitening body lotions say these products are effective in providing brighter and fresher skin without harming even the most sensitive skin types. Aside from being potent skin whiteners, these products also fight skin aging.

Meaning, they make users blemish and wrinkle-free. Aside from their fast and positive effects, these products are also cost effective. You do not have to spend over $100 for the best lotion; some lotions around $60 or less are already effective.

Why are Some Skin and Body Whitening Lotions Bad?

website reviewYes, there are dozens of skin whitening products today. However, not all are worth buying. Some products out there are substandard and do not deliver any result at all. To avoid becoming a victim of ineffective skin whitening lotions, be a meticulous consumer. First, check the ingredients.

According to reviews, most ineffective lotions appear very white, greasy and have a chalky consistency. They are also too thick when people apply them on the skin. This is true because potent skin whitening lotions are creamy in color and light on the skin. In addition, they provide good results in as fast as two to four weeks of constant use.

Visit the website of the product to check the ingredients and also reviews from people who have actually used it. This will help you choose the best skin whitening body lotion available today.


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