Simple Tips and Effective Ways to Whiten Your Skin


get a fairer skin fastHaving a healthy skin is very important to a person. This is as good as having a beautiful skin tone. There are simple steps and effective ways to whiten your skin. These steps will make a skin glow.

Tips in Getting a White Skin

1.Avoid going to direct sunlight. It is always recommended using SPF 20 sunscreen to protect the skin.

2. Drink plenty of water daily.

3.Take a balanced diet containing lots of fruits and vegetables.

4.Wash your face regularly to keep it clean.

5.It is best to use a good whitening cream. There are many OTC creams that contain natural ingredients.

6.Take vitamin supplements that have natural ingredients containing anti-oxidant and Omega 3. These supplements are good for the nails, hair and skin.

7.You can use lemon to cleanse your skin. You can cut the lemon in 2 halves and rub them gently on the face and neck area. You can wash your face after 15 minutes. Regular use of lemon will start to lighten the skin.

8.Exfoliate the skin regularly. This will remove the old, colored skin cells and reveal new, white skin cells.

9.Use chemical bleaching products for your skin. Bleaching products include fading creams that you can purchase in many drugstores. Meanwhile, strong skin bleaching products such as hydroquinone needs prescription. Hydroquinone is a skin-lightening ingredient that literally bleaches your skin.

Skin Whitening Tips (how to: get paler skin)

Tips in whitening Your Skin Using Makeup

There are also effective ways to whiten your skin with the use of makeup and cosmetics. It may sound weird, but they can make your skin look white.

Use Sunscreen:

You must use a sunscreen with the highest SPF you can find. Squeeze it on your hand and apply it to your face using either your finger or a sponge. Apply small sections at a time into your face and neck. You can use baby powder after applying sunscreen evenly to your face and neck.

Use baby powder:

 Put some baby powder into a container and use cotton ball or sponge to apply the baby powder to your face. You must apply the body power section by section in very small amounts. Remember not to put too much baby powder in one spot because it will look very unreal. Apply a sufficient amount of baby powder and make it as natural as possible. Always ensure that everything looks blended to your skin.


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