8 Top Rated Skin Bleaching Products on the Market


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Struggling with uneven skin tone? Fighting to hide those battle scars from ageing? Cursing the sun for ‘blessing’ you with an uneven tan?

As though it’s not terrible enough to have to deal with all of that, every solution to the problem brings with it a new problem. Be it skin lightening treatments that could empty your pockets, herbal remedies that take forever to bear results or harmful chemicals that worsen the condition of your skin, it’s the sad truth that skin brightening is indeed a painful task.

But who doesn’t want to look their best? Who doesn’t want to look half their age when they hit the big 50? Who doesn’t want to feel the freshness of their hydrated skin? Let’s face it. We all need and want all of this, and more.

That’s why we bring to you the best method to address skin lightening.

Contrary to certain beliefs, usage of skin bleaching products is actually the most efficient and comparatively safe way for skin brightening and we’ll tell you why. We’ll also tell you what users of the eight top rated skin bleaching, skin brightening and skin lightening cream products have to say based on their own personal experiences.

Why Opt for Skin Bleach?

creamsSkin bleaching works by reducing the levels of melanin content in the skin, and in fact lightens the skin as opposed to making it artificially fair. The effects of using lightening creams one time last for a fairly long period, mostly ranging from a couple of weeks to more than a month depending on the skin type and external conditions that the skin is exposed to.

Lightening the skin using bleaching products is easy and can be done in the comfort of your homes. The results are quick and damage to the skin is minimal. Various skin lightening products are now available in the market that caters to different types of skin and also to varying budgets.

The benefits of using skin lightening creams are multi fold and outweigh the disadvantages by a mile.

How to Pick from a Wide Range of Skin Lightening Products

When faced with a plethora of options, the following are a few things to bear in mind when choosing and using a skin bleaching or lightening product:

  • Pick your product depending on your skin type, which could be dry, oily, or normal and tone, for instance, light, intermediate, or brown. Also consider specific needs such as skin bleaching products for African Americans.
  • Make sure you know what you’re trying to treat. Skin bleaching can be done for various skin problems ranging from acnes to hyperpigmentation to spotty skin to wrinkles.
  • Carefully read the ingredients that form the product that you’re planning to use to ensure that there are no substances that your skin is allergic to. Do not hesitate to consult an expert in the event of uncertainty. It is recommended that you do not research online and treat yourself. For instance, avoid hydroquinone products because they contain carcinogens.
  • Always conduct a patch test before you start using a product on a regular basis. A patch test is usually carried out behind the ear.

  • Use the product systematically as per the instructions given and for the duration prescribed for best results.
  • Do not forget to follow up your skin lightening routine with an application of a good sunscreen lotion, as the skin will be more photo sensitive post lightening treatment. It is also advisable to wear clothing that conceals parts of your body that have been treated.
  • Remember, after every skin treatment, always, stay well hydrated.

Leading Skin Bleaching Products and Skin Lightening Creams

1. Clear-n-Smooth Intensive Face and Body Treatment Lotion

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors in helping one decide what skin product to go for is the reputation of the brand. Clear-n-smooth is an established brand in various countries across the world. This brand is a skin lightening product specialist.

The Clear-n-Smooth Intensive Face and Body Treatment Lotion has received great reviews from its users and is considered to be one of the skin bleaching products that work extremely well.

lotionThis skin lightening lotion is priced at around $22 and is available for purchase online. Users have stated that it is indeed an effective product as the company claims it to be. The most attractive feature of this lotion is apparent that it gets absorbed by the skin quite quickly without leaving it feeling or looking greasy and in fact hydrates the skin, in turn.

Many users suggest that the results are quick and that the lotion works for various skin tones. The product is also noted to be safe, and free from allergens. Moreover, mothers who have used the lotion believe that it is safe for use by children, under supervision, of course. Overall, it appears to be a great choice.

2. Kilimanjaro Health and Beauty Advanced Skin Whitening Cream

The Kilimanjaro Health and Beauty Advanced Skin Whitening Cream is a favourite among the ladies. Made in the USA, this skin whitener is brought to you by a team that is committed to helping people “keep a younger look, stay healthy and help others do the same” through their wide range of products. Going by the reviews, this skin cream is clearly widely used by women across the world irrespective of skin type and tone.

Priced at about $19, the product comes in an attractive little bottle with a pump nozzle that is handy and easy to store and use. Women who have used the cream have been complimenting how light and effective it is. Many customers have appreciated the ability of the product to help the skin retain moisture even on regular use. For people with sensitive skin, this skin whitening cream is a good option.

However, a cause of concern for potential users is that the writing on the bottle is extremely small, and it is therefore difficult for customers to take in the information provided to enable them to take an informed decision. Further, there seems to be a lack of indication as to how long the product takes to yield results on an average, though a few customers insist that the results are seen soon enough.

3. LeWilnet Complete Kit

aging skinThe specialty of LeWilnet is its focus on anti-aging products and solutions. Absolutely confident in the ability of their products to deliver, LeWilnet even seeks to guarantee full refunds to its customers if they are not satisfied. The complete kit launched by LeWilnet comprises the following:

  • One full ounce bottle of 100 percent professional medical grade glycolic acid
  • One ounce pre-peel cleanser
  • One ounce peel healing cream
  • A fan brush applicator
  • Detailed instructions on how to use the product
  • Free bonus e-book on skin care

This complete kit for skin brightening is available for about $35. The highlight of this skin whitening kit is that it works miraculously on aging skin. Many women who have used the kit have reported that their skin felt soft and looked radiant after the first use itself. The product is also said to have a great effect on blackheads and acne.

Be that as it may, the chemical content in the kit has made certain users wary of the reactions that it may attract upon application, and it is not suitable for use by children, or even adults with sensitive skin. Further, given that the product is in the form of a kit containing various elements, its utility is challenged owing to the hassles of maintaining it and carrying it along when you are on the go.

4. Vivant Skin Care Bleaching Serum

The distinction of having been in the industry, producing quality products that are medically proven dermatological therapies for a long time, about 50 years, is what sets the skin care range provided by Vivant a class apart. The focus of Vivant products is on the treatment of resistant skin conditions.

The skin care bleaching serum by Vivant is favoured by many who seek medical validation of the skin care products that they use. It is quite popular for the results that it bears among women facing issues like hyperpigmentation and aged skin.

Slightly on the expensive side, this skin bleaching serum costs about $52. The serum is said to work beautifully and erase all spots and blemishes on the face with regular use, though at the cost of dry and flaky skin for some people. But unlike various other popular products that cater to multiple skin tones and types, Vivant Skin Care Bleaching Serum is best suited for oily and combination skin types.

A common downside to the product as reported by users is the pungent odor that it carries, but users are even willing to deal with the unpleasant smell in return for the positive effects it provides.

5. Shouvy Puree Gluta White Soap

The Shouvy brand that originated in Japan is well known worldwide for its range of skin whitening products. Ranging from soaps to creams to masks, skin whitening products are the flagship products of Shouvy.

Within this range, the Puree Gluta White Soap is particularly favoured by many as it is reported to have least side effects on its users. Being a soap, this is an easy product for people to incorporate in their daily clean up regimen, as opposed to a clean-up kit or a face mask or a face pack. This skin bleaching soap may also be used on other parts of the body.

Priced at $11, this skin whitening soap is popular amongst the masses thanks to its affordability.

People who have used the soap are appreciative of the fact that the chemical content in the product is reasonable, thus causing much lesser cases of allergic reactions. Its use is said to have resulted in exfoliation and clearing up of the skin. The pleasant smell of the product is definitely a plus.

The complaint most users of this soap have is its slow paced treatment of the skin. Also, regular usage of the soap tends to dehydrate the skin; therefore, usage without following up with a heavy moisturizer is not at all recommended.

6. Clinicians Complex Skin Bleaching Cream

Clinicians Complex products are made in the USA and are available for purchase throughout the world. The focus of Clinicians Complex is on medically oriented skin rejuvenation products. The product line comprises a variety of items that are specialized to treat different aspects of skin troubles, including those pertaining to lightening.

skin rejuvenationThese products have been in the industry for a long time and have been popularized over the years by the customers based out of the USA. Clinicians Complex has been acknowledged as a great brand overall in the skin care department.

Yet another highly priced product among skin bleaching creams, this skin bleaching cream is available for about $54. Many of the people who have used the skin bleaching cream have suggested that its usage has benefitted the texture of their skin in addition to helping reduce spots and blemishes. Though a lot of customers seem to be complaining about the affordability factor, they have in fact vouched for its effectiveness.

It is interesting to note that customers who have used this bleaching cream have mixed opinions on the time taken to yield results. While for some observed their skin lighten from the first use, for certain others, it took three purchases for just about ordinary results. Its thick consistency and unpleasant odor is a turn off for its users.

7. Raphe Kojic Body Wash and HP Bleach Oil

Raphe Labs is a Texas based company that is into innovative food science and skin technology. Their skin care line offers one of the widest ranges of products in that department, be it for baby skin care, skin healing or skin whitening. They even boast of having a skin care lab where they carry out extensive research and study on safe, effective and cost-competitive skin care solutions.

The Raphe Kojic Body Wash and HP Bleach Oil combination is extremely popular owing to its high efficiency in causing skin whitening. Many users have happily purchased the product despite its steep cost.

The Raphe Kojic Body Wash and HP Bleach Oil combination may be purchased at $55. The best effects of these products are seen with respect to an evening of skin tone. Happy customers are willing to continue using this combination even at a cost because it provides excellent results without compromising the health of your skin. Even regular usage is not said to affect the moisture content in the skin.

Lots of users; however, have been put off by the strong smell of the product, as well as the lack of clear instructions for use on the package. Having said that, it is clear that these are definitely not deal breakers.

8. Paris Fair and White Skin Whitening and Bleaching Gel Cream

skin careBetter known world over as a cosmetic brand, the French brand Paris Fair and White offers a wide range of skin care solutions. Skin brightening product packages are available in various forms ranging from anti dark spots and clarifying serums to purifying and brightening creams.

The Paris Fair and White Skin Whitening and Bleaching Gel Cream is a set of two creams that works towards evening out skin tone to perfection. It is noted to be the highest quality skin whitening gel in the market today and is widely used by persons of varying skin conditions and tones.

Reasonably priced at $20, the Paris Fair and White Skin Whitening and Bleaching Gel Cream is a popular choice. The gel cream is said to have a positive effect on aged skin. This is in fact a boon for most customers who struggle hard to fight the signs of aging. Users even noted the consistency of the product in terms of the results, as well as absence of irritating skin reactions.

Some dissatisfied customers have commented on the dryness that the usage of this product has caused to their skin. Therefore, it is recommended that people with highly sensitive skin do their research well before opting to use this product on their body.

Finding the Right Skin Lightening Cream

You should also bear in mind that the abovementioned reviews are only guidelines to aid you in finding the best suited product for your skin. Any product that you choose will have at least a slight damaging effect on your skin.

The key is to find the balance between effective treatment and healthy skin. With ever advancing formulations in the field of skin care, it is important for you to be abreast with the ingredients that go into such preparations and the effect they may have on your skin. It is after all better to be safe than sorry.

Skin bleach tends to have different effects on different bodies and it is in your best interest to study your skin type and tone, consult a dermatologist if necessary, and choose skin bleaching products that provide you with the best results, and that will damage your skin the least in the bargain.


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