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Pregnant women are not exempted from skin discoloration. Melasma or also known as Chloasma is a patch like dark pigmentation on a pregnant woman’s face. This condition is known as the mask of pregnancy. No wonder pregnant women are considered to be the most insecure people on Earth.

 Melasma or also known as ChloasmaAside from their growing tummy and hormonal changes, mostly are prone to Melasma. However, is the use of skin lightening agents for melasma safe in pregnant women?

There is a lot of skin lightening agents available today. Some may be safe to use while others can cause damage to skin if used excessively and can be unhealthy for pregnant women.

Skin lightening agents for melasma must be consulted first from a trusted doctor before actually using or allowing a pregnant woman to use it.

Choosing Skin Lightening Agents

Selecting the right lightening ingredients need careful and delicate process like how you select skin lightening agents for melasma condition of most pregnant women. It is important to know the needs of your skin before buying any of the skin lightening products.

the total health of your skin

The product should be fitted to support the condition of your skin at the same time use as an effective agent to produce positive effects towards the total health of your skin.

Skin lightening agents with potent ingredients must be avoided, remember that pregnant women are delicate and sensitive and so as the baby. Make sure to check the contents and its percentage. Natural ingredients are way safer.

Vitamin C agents can be good for pregnant women and for the rest of the skin lightening agents it must thoroughly be consulted to your OB-Gyne and dermatologist.

What Is Melasma?

Melasma is a type of skin condition where spots of dark shade discoloration appear on the outer layer of the skin. This skin condition is possible to anyone; however significant figures are identified among female, particularly those who take oral contraceptives or undergoing certain hormonal therapies.

The patches are often visible to the facial areas like lip, forehead, cheeks and nose. Pregnant women are also prone to melasma.

There are several causes linked of having melasmaThere are several causes linked of having melasma. It includes hormonal imbalance among female of which estrogen and progesterone triggers the melanin producing cells to secrete more hormones when the skin is uncovered longer under the heat of the sun.

Genetics, various types of allergies and even stress are also connected to this skin condition.

Melasma may also occur to women who are not pregnant under the age bracket of 20 to 50 years. This condition appears to be brownish in color or sometimes tan to blue gray shades that are found on the face. It is usually located right in the cheekbone, your jaw line or even right at the center of your face. So what causes melasma?

Experts believed that aside from hormonal changes, sun exposure is one factor and of course genetic disposition. Having this condition may be embarrassing especially if people kept on looking at your face, this is why others opt to use skin lightening agents for melasma.

The Possible Causes Of Melasma

Because melasma is common to pregnant women, it is therefore linked to pregnancy reasons as to why melasma appears, the use of birth control pills is another reason or even those who are undergoing therapies for estrogen or progesterone deficiency. Intake of anti-seizure medications may also be another factor of why melasma exists. UV lights of the sun and more.

Skin Lightening Agents MelasmaSkin Lightening Agents Melasma

Finding ways on how to lighten skin is not very easy. It needs careful research about the background of the product like ingredients, cost, efficiency and safety.

Looking for skin lightening agent’s for melasma makes it a little bit more complex because you are not just simply enhancing your skin rather you have to find the best solution on how to ease another skin condition.

Fortunately, with the help of modern science and never ending research of reputable laboratories and companies, several products have been considered as best cure to erase melasma in the skin. Skin lightening agent’s for melasma are now made up into numerous variants like soap, skin lightening toner, pills, creams and lotions.

These skin lightening agents for melasma contain gentle regimen to support the delicate needs of the skin. Hydroquinone and other essential acids which have depigmentation effects on the skin are commonly used in these products. However, simple and natural ways to avoid melasma are very obtainable too. One of them is avoiding long and direct exposure from the sun.


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