Skin Lightening Products and Treatments for Pigmentation Marks


Of course pigmentation extremely annoying. You want to naturally get rid of it asap. There are indeed several good opportunities to quickly remove these marks. You have different methods of approach, such as cream or gels that naturally lighten the skin or removing the pigmentation marks through laser treatments. In this article we will discuss products that can be used to lighten the skin, whether that is for the use of pigmentation marks or for other reasons.

sunscreen protectionPrevention is better than treatment, so it is important that you do not expose yourself to too much harmful UV sunlight. It is also absolutely essential that you apply sunscreen everywhere, including on your hands, arms and face, which are the most important areas you absolutely should not miss.

Especially considering the fact that most of these spots are visible in these areas. But the face and the hands are also most sensitive to sunlight. If you therefore wish to lighten your skin, you should avoid being in the sunlight with your hands and face for a longer period of time.

It is not always necessary to pay for an expensive laser treatment, kitchen remedies can also help you in this respect. If you want fast results, however, and do not want to pay a high price, there are several products on the market that can give you faster results.

For removing pigmentation spots and to lighten your skin, there are several kitchen remedies you could use. These remedies are effective mostly because they contain fruit acids. But if you want a quicker result than a bleaching cream is the best choice.

Lighten Your Skin In A Natural Way

Lemon Bleaching Method:

lemon bleachingBy applying citric acid to your skin twice a day, the outer layer of your skin, which consists of dead skin cells, will be removed. Generally speaking, you should get fair results in about 8 weeks of using this treatment. However, this method can cause irritation to the skin, in which case you will still need to use the bleaching cream or laser method.

Our grandmothers whitened their skin with buttermilk. Buttermilk also contains a certain amount of sorrel, therefor it works exactly as the method with citric acid. But since buttermilk is a lot lighter, it will cause hardly any irritation, but this method is also less effective.

Lightening Your Skin With A Cream

Perhaps the most popular method of all. You apply skin lightening creams every day to the problem areas. The cream is made to use a long time with the highest possible success rate. Therefore, using cream in our opinion really is the best way to reduce your unwanted pigmentation marks successfully and to make them less visible, as well as to lighten your skin. Of course there are several creams available on the market today. Price, quality and performance are the most important factors.


Sterwit SkinSterwitskin is a special product made especially for certain sensitive areas such as the neck, arms, back and face and can help to reduce the skin blemishes and pigmentation marks, however, the product is also effective in lightening the skin.

The strong disinfectant effect, the innovative cell stimulation and the light fading action addresses the problem areas very well. This cream can be found online and is reasonably priced.

Starlight White

Starlight Spot LightYears before the many creams appeared on the market, this product already claimed that they could help you lightening your skin as well as pigment spots. Starlight White is a very established brand in America and Asia.

Partly because they do not have appeared in tv commercials and neither are they on the shelves of the largest drug stores. They have always kept the quality of the product consistent, and never had to really compete with other product due to their high quality.

It is also safe to use on the underarms, face, and private parts of both men and women. This product is sent in a very discreet and anonymous manner.

Using Laser Treatment To Lighten The Skin

Of course, the removal of pigmentation marks by means of the laser, is by far the quickest method. But is it affordable for everyone? If you opt for the removal of the spots with laser treatments, then your skin is constantly being exposed to the laser for brief periods at a time.

laser treatment for age spotThis feels as if someone is squeezing your skin. Shortly after the treatment, a scab will appear on the skin and approximately 1 week after it falls off, after which a clean pink skin shines through. This pink skin will be lighter and without any spots within 14 days of the treatment. Problem solved!

Of course, this treatment also requires many laser sessions, although the exact number will greatly depend on your skin type. As has been previously mentioned, a laser session can cost a lot of money. It is therefore very important to do proper research and your due diligence when it comes to finding the right laser clinic, to ensure the safety of the procedure.

Our advice is therefore to choose the cream solution as there are products made specifically for the skin, and with a high success rate in actually lighting the skin and removing pigmentation marks.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of products on the market and if you choose a different cream than the ones that are mentioned here, always check the list of ingredients.


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