Taking A Skin Lightening Journey


Skin lightening is something that has become very popular with many people who either have a dark skin tone or one that is uneven in nature. Although there are a number of women who have naturally light skin that will want to become tan there are sometimes just as many who are looking for ways that they can make it so that their skin is free from blemishes, hyperpigmentation, melasma and a variety of darkened spots.

In order to go on your skin lightening journey, there are a number of things that you may want to keep in mind so that the end results will be a great complexion.

Natural Choices

Natural Skin lighteningThere are many people who want to lighten their skin that would rather go for methods that are more natural compared to a lot of the prescription medications and over the counter creams and topical treatments that are available.

If you are not fond of the idea of applying chemicals to your skin then you can look for natural home remedies. When used properly they can be quite safe and rather effective without the need for harsh chemicals that could potentially irritate your skin.

Believe it or not, a squeeze or two of lemon can be a wonderful way to cut down on some of your dark spots that you have been dealing with. There are also some people who have darkened skin underneath their arms in their armpits or hyperpigmentation between their thighs if they happen to rub together too much or on their clothing.

The lemon juice can work on lightening the complexion that you have in a fairly short amount of time. It is recommended that you use freshly squeezed lemon if this is going to be a method that you want to try and this can also be applied to the skin everyday if you want to get faster results.

Not only is lemon juice good for lightening the skin but it is also rich in antioxidants that are terrific for your skin. As with a lot of the chemical or prescription treatments, you want to make sure that you stay clear of too much sun exposure if you are using lemon juice as your skin can start to become sensitive.

Cucumber JuiceCucumbers and cucumber juice are also a great way to help lighten and moisturize your skin. Combined with a few drops of your fresh lemon juice, this can be a powerful elixir that will work on darkened spots and begin to even out your skin tone.

If you have access to almond powder and sandalwood, this can be a wonderful combination that not only works on dark spots but it has also been known to help with the different blemishes that can appear on the skin.

Along with that, think of using raw potato as a way to lighten up tan lines or darkened areas from tanning that are uneven. All you have to do is cut a potato and rub it on the skin that you want to work on lightening.

Papaya is well known for being beneficial for your skin from the inside out. Not only is papaya rich in nutrients, making it an incredible food to add to your diet, but is can help with both exfoliation and lightening on the outside.

There is a natural enzyme that is found in papaya that helps to renew the skin and make it a whole lot smoother and fresher. This is why there are so many cleansers and moisturizers that contain papaya extra and it is just perfect for lightening or whitening as well.

Drinking WaterOne thing that many people tend to forget is to make sure that they are getting enough hydration during the day. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, so if you are getting enough fluids you are going to see that your skin is going to have a healthier glow and a much more even tone.

In addition to hydrating your body and working to moisturize the skin from the inside out, drinking plenty of water can help your body get rid of excess toxins.

Such harmul toxins can actually work against you to lead to further discoloration of the skin, blemishes, dark spots and more. The right amount of water daily will also help you to cut down on the number of breakouts that you will be faced with.

Sunscreen is another very vital method of protecting your skin. The sun has been proven to be harmful to the skin when it is exposed for too long. Over time, the sun can work to be a major offender when it comes to uneven tones, darkening, dark spots and more.

Make sure that you protect your skin by wearing sunscreen that is around SPF 25, 30 or higher. Also, you can be sure that you wear sunglasses when you are going to be out in the sun so that you do not get any excessive exposure around the delicate skin of the eyes.

No matter what type of lightening method you choose for your skin, it is going to be important that you stick with it. The only way you will see results is if you make sure that you remain diligent and always change up any routine that seems as though it is not working. If you want to be sure that you have even skin tone, you can get results as long as you find the best method to suit your skin tone.


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