The Role Of Vitamins For A Lighter, More Radiant Complexion


Vitamins are essential for proper body function. If you do not get enough of the essential vitamins you need, several problems can occur, from bone loss to headaches. So, the question you need to ask yourself is: Are you getting enough of the vitamins you need?

Vitamin C for skinYou need lots of vitamins, and all are going to strengthen your body in various ways. Let’s take a look at vitamin C, for example. Vitamin C is a very important vitamin.This special vitamin is key to staying healthy and free from illnesses.

It is also an important anti-aging contributor in the body. If you get enough vitamin C in your diet every day, it will help to keep away the wrinkles by keeping the connective tissue under the skin strong and healthy.

Not to mention that vitamin C is a strong anti-oxidant, and is often used in large doses to treat patients with cancer and other chronic diseases.

Something to consider with vitamin C is that our bodies don’t store it very well and we can’t make it, so we must get all of our vitamin C from our diets. Eating a healthy diet chock full of fresh fruits and vegetables, we will get plenty of vitamin C. However, not everyone eats fruits and vegetables in the quantities needed to get enough vitamin C. Many can’t get their children to eat enough fruits and vegetables. So what is an alternative solution?

While nothing can completely replace the value of eating fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, there are things you can do to fill in the gaps. Everyone needs 5 to 9 daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables for the nutrients they contain and for general health, but if you take a look at your eating habits you will likely find that 5-9 servings is probably close to double what you and your children are actually getting.

The Following is a List of Some Simple Things You Can Do to Implement more Vitamins into Your Diet Without Significant Changes to Your Daily Routine:

Vegetables For Skin1. Instead of buying juices, try buying whole fruits and a juicer and making your own. It does not take much longer, and can provide you with many more vitamins than the prepackaged variety. The closer you get your food to nature the better it is going to be for you.

2. Have fresh veggies on hand and available for snacking. Cut cucumber, have baby carrots, and any of your other favorite vegetables, already washed and ready to go so that the next time you reach for a snack. It is as easy to grab a slice of fruit, or a piece of vegetable as it is to grab junk food.

3. Make your own salsa, ketchup, etc., or buy the fresh made variety. While it is convenient to purchase processed salsa that does not require refrigeration until after it is opened, many of the nutritional values are lost. So, when you are in the mood for salsa, slice up your favorite salsa ingredients and eat fresh salsa.

4. Try all natural supplementation of the vitamins and minerals your body is missing. A good choice for this option would be Zija. It is an all-natural health beverage that is conveniently packaged in a small can that can easily fit in your purse or bag. It is made from the Moringa oleifera tree, which is an excellent source of many vitamins, including vitamin A, B, C, D and much more.

It is also a great source for calcium, protein, and potassium. Zija does not have a bunch of artificial ingredients; rather, it is made from the parts of the tree that are the most nutritious, they are dried, ground up, then water is added to them and they are packaged to make a quick and easy drink.

fruits and veggies for skin5. Have one day a week where you abstain from the junk, and load up on the good stuff. One day is not too much to ask, it is easy to do, and can taste great. It is not a hard job to eat fruits and veggies.

Some of the most basic reason to eat these types of food is that they are sweet and even juicy on most occasions. Whatever the reason, try to eat them often; most are quick to prepare and easy to eat.

6. Try all of the above, this is a great way to meet all of your nutritional needs with little change to your already established eating habits. You can make small adjustments like fresh juices and salsas, etc., instead of packaged ones, and then fill in the gaps of your diet with the well-rounded and extremely healthy drink Zija.

It is delightful to luxuriate in the bathtub with bath oils. However, if you are on a budget, then it is not necessary to purchase expensive oils to have a moisturizing soak in the tub. All you need is to go to your kitchen and grab a bottle of olive oil. Olive oil has been used as a moisturizer for the skin for 5,000 years and is proven to improve the elasticity of the skin and condition dry skin.

The seeds of the cocoa plant are rich in vitamin E which is also key to having a lighter and more radiant skin complexion. This is a fact that should not be neglected at any cost.

If you suffer from dry skin, apply moisturizer to your body immediately after you shower, when your skin is still damp. This will seal in the moisture of your skin and prevent it from drying too quickly. Water is key. Water is everything when it comes to keeping your human coat glowing and hydrated at all times.

water drinking for skinThere are certain skin problems that require medical attention and proper treatment. These issues can be usually taken care of by a good dermatologist.

However, a basic skincare routine is a must for all to keep all those minor problems at bay. Here are some useful tips that can be easily followed and will help you attain that beautiful skin you have always desired.

All natural skin care products are the best bet for having the perfect skin. These natural substances that are derived straight from nature can work miracles in just a few days. Using artificial products is not really a good idea. Stay safe and go the all natural way.

Companies and products that were once original and authentic, in an effort to compete in the trendy organic market, have compromised integrity for profit.

I could write for day about all of the information needed to enable you in making the most informed decision for you and your family’s skin care. The amount of information can be overwhelming to say the least. But, quality skin care is not a replacement for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Your skin is part of the big picture of overall health and wellness.

Your skin is a direct reflection of what your body is experiencing internally. The more stress in your life and the less quality nutrition you put into your body the more you will experience problems with your skin.

Skin produces and stores Vitamin D, a crucial element of a healthy immune system. And let’s not forget how your skin simply (and not so simply) protects you from extreme changes in temperature by Vitamin-D for skincontrolling the heat flow between you and your environment.

Now knowing that our skin is such a vital and sensitive organ of our body, why are we so careless in how we care for it? In a society so obsessed with fighting the signs of aging, why are we so quick to resort to extreme measures such as surgery and chemicals?

Are you aware that there are many types of skin care products available to buy, but what about in case you suffer from sensitive skin? Well there are products on the market but are they any good?

It is said that the reason people suffer from sensitive skin is because their immune systems are on overdrive and may think that certain skin products or weather conditions are in fact enemies, this leads the immune system to fight them off as foreign objects. The reaction to this is itchy skin, redness, burning, stinging and peeling.

Your skin may not have always been as sensitive, as it can come about later in life, mainly due to prolonged use of products which contain harsh ingredients or it can even be down to hormonal fluctuations.

With so many women now using anti-aging products and with so many products on the market including harsh elements, more and more people are suffering from sensitive skin. So when looking for an anti-aging product for sensitive skin you need to know what to look for to ensure that you are getting the best!

Let’s Take a Look at the Two Main Things that Can Cause Aggravation to Sensitive Skin:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate In ShampoosFragrance – What your nose believes smells good can truly produce irritation to the skin. Fragrance is a typical allergen in skin care and cosmetics. The scents that cause this more commonly are citrus, minty and floral ones. It is strongly suggested to choose the fragrance free anti-aging product for sensitive skin.

Chemicals – Soaps and cleansers containing agents called surfactants which can cause harm to sensitive skin.

One of these agents is called sodium lauryl sulfate and despite the fact that these cleansers leave your skin feeling pleasant and clean, they destroy the vital lipids that assist skin cells combine together, preventing them become dry and damaged. One ingredient that is good for sensitive skin is laureth.

Make sure that when you are verifying the ingredients, that you don’t confuse this with the irritating lauryl.

Natural Skin Care Products are Ideal for Skin

The natural ones are the most likely to be free from the irritating fragrances and will contain no chemicals.

fragrance free anti-aging product Best anti-aging products and supplements are blessed with healthy natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and are powerful in providing anti-aging benefits and will not make your skin any more sensitive than it already is.

You want to find the best natural products that will improve the production of collagen and elastin within the body, increase levels of hyaluronic acid and decrease the levels of free radicals in the body. If you are able to find an anti-aging product for sensitive skin that does each one of these, great you have found yourself a top notch product.

Don’t be fooled by some companies who claim their products are natural when actually additives and fillers have been added to make up the weight. Just do your research and check customer comments before you buy and you’ll be fine!


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