Are You Thinking About Skin Lightening Laser Therapy?


For thousands of years, women have been looking for the fountain of youth. They want beautiful skin, and they are attracted to products that promise to give them a flawless complexion. Unfortunately, a lot of women do not begin a good skincare regimen until they are adults.

Dark Spot on faceHowever, the damage may have already been done during their childhood when these women played outdoors under the hot sun without sun protection. As adults, these women start seeing dark spots developing on their skin. Skin tone became uneven. So, women have turned to all kinds of skin lightening treatments to remedy that.

There is a huge array of skin lightening products out there. The latest technological advancements brought skin lightening laser therapy to the reaches of these women. How does that actually work?

It is important to first understand the science behind how skin gets its color. The skin contains cells called melanocytes. These cells give skin its color. The more melanocytes are present, the darker the skin color. People of certain ethnicities with darker skin are born with more melanocytes than people of other ethnicities. The sun can trigger the melanocytes to be more active, thus producing more color on the skin. If the melanocytes are not very active, the skin will not be as dark.

Once melanocytes produce color in the skin cells, that actually cannot be undone. The same skin cells cannot get rid of their color. What happens in skin lightening regimens is that the old skin cells that are discolored are exfoliated gradually.

At the same time, the new cells are treated with an agent that will inhibit the activity of the melanocytes and block the normal production of melanin from these cells. Over time, as the old, discolored skin cells are shed away and the new, lighter skin cells take their place, the skin will achieve a lighter and more even tone overall.

Laser therapySkin cell turnover can take time, and medical researchers have been looking for ways to speed up the process. They have to speed up exfoliation of the old skin cells and prompt the production of new cells, while at the same time, manipulate the activity of the melanocytes so that they will not produce color.

Laser therapy has been deemed to be very effective in speeding up the turnover of skin cells. Problem areas can be targeted to lighten those areas. The laser removes the upper layer of the skin that is discolored and stimulates the cells in the dermis to produce new cells. Along with the treatment, specially formulated skin lotions are prescribed to nourish the skin and to block the production of melanin in the new cells.

Treatment is usually rendered over several sessions at regular intervals so that the skin can rest and recover before the next treatment. At the end of the treatment, patients are usually advised to get a laser treatment annually for maintenance.

Laser therapy is only one part of the regimen. The patients are also instructed to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen at all times, even when the day looks cloudy. Special skin care products need to be used regularly to nourish the skin and to preserve the results.

Skin lightening laser therapy has gained wide popularity because of its effectiveness. Women with problem skin have a potential way to solve those problems. It is important to discuss laser therapy with the dermatologist to make sure that you are a good candidate for it. Everyone’s skin will react differently, so it is important to monitor the results to see if laser therapy is the right solution for you.


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