Top 4 Skin Brightening Tricks


Moisturize For Brighter Skin

We are too caught up in the idea of the sun being harmful to our skin. When we think of trying out skin brightening tips, we always have this notion of staying out in the sun all day since we think that the effects of the sun and its rays will have our skin getting burnt and getting darker in the process. However, staying out of the sun need not be your last measure to achieve lighter and more radiant skin. So here are some skin brightening tips for you.

  1. One tip is to always eat healthy. Believe it or not, the food you eat and stuff your body with has an effect on your skin color. If you remember the story about the girl who became orange after eating only carrots, you would be surprised to know that it is actually true. Coffee is among the more darkening drinks in the food pyramid so if you can help it, stop drinking coffee and go for fruit juices.
  2. Another tip is to drink a lot of water. Water has the effect of cleansing the whole body and it regulates the body systems. With the use of water, the body is able to remove toxins quickly. These toxins would have otherwise infected the system and manifested in the skin making it a lot darker.
  3. Next tip is to use sun block lotions whenever you are going out. While the sun does not actually burn your skin, it has quite a similar effect. You do not need to stay out of the sun if you have a good sun block lotion. However, go for those in the medium SPF levels since these ones are a lot safer. Products that have higher SPFs have the effect of burning the skin as well so it would be more harmful than actually beneficial to your skin.
  4. Moisturizers are also a huge plus in skin care. One of the factors that play on the radiance of the skin and its youthful glow is moisturizing. It has the effect of keeping the skin cells active and plump, a really good way to keep your skin healthy.

The rules and tips on skin care are pretty simple. Eat healthy and keep healthy to keep your skin nice, smooth and always youthful. Do not overindulge in whitening products and keep things natural, to get that blush and glow that you want.


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