Top Natural Skin Lighteners For Dark Inner Thighs


Do you have fair skin? If you do, if you end up developing dark inner thighs, and this can be quite unsightly. It may cause you to not want to wear shorts, or bathing suit, for fear of people noticing. This is a condition that is very common with some women that gain weight, causing their inner thighs to rub together. When this occurs, this stimulates the pigmentation in your skin, putting your melanocytes into overdrive, leading to this problem.

There are remedies for this issue such as using hydroquinone. But due to the fact that there are some side effects associated with this drug, many people would prefer doing this the natural way. Here are some all-natural skin lighteners for dark inner thighs that can work with most people.

Curd And Lemon

Curd And LemonWhen using this soft white substance which is the result of milk becoming sour, that which is the basis for all cheese that is made, and combining it with women, this makes the perfect natural remedy for people that have darker inner thighs.

The curd is what will help moisturize, whereas the lemon is what actually lightens up the area. It is the perfect balance for not only getting your thighs back to their regular color, but for preventing infections.

By simply combining a tablespoon of curd with half of a lemon, and possibly mixing in some spices like turmeric, you will start to see a definite change in the pigmentation between your thighs as a result of using this for several weeks.

Coconut Oil And Lemon

There are many uses for coconut oil that have been discovered as of late, and oil that has many medicinal properties. In regard to getting your inner thighs to a lighter color, when combined with lemon, this is a potent combination that can deliver. The coconut oil is actually useful in combating hyperpigmentation, and the lemon juice can bleach your skin. This provides all of the moisturizing that you will need, plus the bleaching effects that are necessary to make your dark inner thighs much lighter.

Oats Curd And Honey

Oats & HoneyAlthough we have already mentioned that the use of curd can be beneficial in moisturizing this area, when combined with honey and oats, it provides antibacterial properties, a combination that can help to resolve this issue.

It will make a thick paste due to using honey, and by leaving it on several minutes a day for several weeks, you should start to see the darker areas in between your thighs lightening up.

Almond Oil And Aloe Vera Gel

The reason that using aloe is helpful with bleaching your skin, along with the almond oil, is because of the vitamin E that is in the almond oil. Vitamin E is used for many skin conditions, and when combined with aloe vera which has natural healing properties, it can help a person resolve the dark thigh issue quite rapidly.

Lemon And Rosewater

Finally, you will want to use rose water and lemon in order to properly bleach your inner thighs. Rosewater is used because it has natural healing properties, helping to prevent bacterial outbreaks, and the lemon will help bleach the skin back to its normal color.

Cucumber And Sandalwood

Cucumber and sandalwoodThe reason that you may have darker inner thighs is because this area of your skin has been aggravated to rubbing. Instead of using the lemon as a bleaching agent, you can take the opposing view that by making the skin less tender, you will be able to resolve the issue.

The only time that you would want to add lemon juice to this mix if you notice that you are chaffing. The lemon will act as a buffer, helping to sooth this area of your body, allowing it to get back to normal.

Straight Lemon Juice

If all else fails, and you are not seeing results that are fast enough, using straight lemon juice is what you need to do. You can also combine this with vitamin C which is ascorbic acid, which will also act as a natural antioxidant to help things heal. If the area is extremely dark, lemon juice only should be your primary natural remedy. If this does not work, there are a few other suggestions that we will make, products that can definitely help you get things resolved.

Final Tips

If you do not want to use lemon, you can substitute it with Kojic acid, arbutin or azelaic acid. The goal is to be consistent in the bleaching process, something that can happen using these natural products. As long as you use one or more of these combinations, you should be able to restore your inner thighs back to the normal color by simply using these all-natural ingredients that can help you lighten up your inner thighs.


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