Try Skin Whitening Ayurvedic Recipes


ayurvedic recipesAyurvedic medicine comes from the Indian subcontinent. It is considered natural or alternative medicine, and it has been practiced and documented for several centuries.

Now this practice is getting a lot more attention in the west because many of its principals are backed up by scientific tests.

Many people with both fair and dark skin use skin whiteners. Some cultures believe that brighter skin is more attractive. Almost everybody wants an even skin tone, no matter what color it is.

As people age or get exposed to the sun, they may develop unattractive colored blotches. Topical creams and lotions might be used to help clear up any of these issues.

Skin Whitening Ayurvedic Recipes

If you really study some of these suggestions, you might see that they actually contain the same ingredients that brand name skin lighteners contain. Of course, you can also find some commercial products that are advertised as Skin Whitening Ayurvedic products. But if you would rather do it yourself at home, you might be able to save money and control your recipe.

One recipe uses lemon juice and tomatoes. This might sound odd to you, but it is actually a perfectly sound practice. Both lemon juice and tomatoes are good sources of vitamin C. This is also known as ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C is a known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Taken internally or applied topically, vitamin C is good for warding off illness, reducing inflation, and anti-aging. It is also a known and tested skin lightener.

I find it amazing that ancient people came up with using tomatoes and lemon juice to help skin before the actually understood that vitamin C was the active ingredient. Of course, lemon juice and tomatoes both have other essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

This recipe is really simple too. You simply have to use two crushed tomatoes or an equivalent amount of tomato paste, and then mix in four tablespoons of lemon juice.

You can apply this natural and inoffensive mixture to the skin of your face and hands. Leave it on your face and hands for fifteen minutes. After that amount of time has passed, rinse your skin with cold water. Simply repeat this for two weeks.

Another recipe leaves out the tomatoes but includes the lemons. It suggests making a paste of tumeric powder and lemon juice. It is hard to imagine eating Indian food without curry that is made partially from turmeric. While you may know that tumeric is a popular Indian cooking spice, you may not have realized that it has been used in traditional Indian Indian medicine for hundreds of years.

This spice has many skin benefits. Mix it with either lemon or cucumber juice and apply as a paste to your skin. Leave it on for several minutes, rinse it off, and repeat for a few weeks.

This spice can also be used to make an acne remedy at home. In this case it is simply mixed with some sandalwood powder to make a scrub. It is a more natural and cheaper alternative to commercial acne medication.

Buying Skin Whitening Ayurvedic Products

Of course, a lot of people do not want to take the trouble to make their own natural remedies. They may not want to stock up on supplies or deal with a mess. Alternatively, some folks would rather have a tested formula that has already been formulated to work effectively.

You certainly can purchase commercial skin care products with these same ingredients You can look for them in an Indian store, health food store, or an online shop.


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