Using Lemons To Lighten Your Skin


natural skin lighteningMany people do not know this, but lemon juice is a natural skin lightener. If you have dark areas on your skin that you would like to lighten, you should follow the advice given below.

Give Your Skin A Little Spritz

You can take a spray bottle and add equal parts of water and lemon juice. While this is a very simple method to use, it can be quite painful if you have any nicks and cuts.

Before you start spraying yourself down, check for any openings on the skin. If you notice any, wait until everything is healed before starting the lemon spray treatment.

Use The Scraps

The next time you use a lemon for anything, save the peels. For example, if you make lemonade, juice them and save the hollowed out peels. Cut the peel until it lies flat and use it to rub your face. You should do this several times a week if you want to have the best results. You won’t see anything lighten overnight, but over time you should see a difference.

A Little Secret Ingredient

Using lemon to lighten the skin takes a while, so you should try using it as much as you can. Try adding lemon juice to all of your skin products. For example, if you use a face mask often, try mixing it with a little lemon juice before you apply it on the face next time. You should do a little research before doing this since lemon may not mesh well with certain chemicals that may be contained in these products.

A New Main Squeeze

skin lightening ampoulesYou do not want to put too much lemon on the skin that has not been diluted because this can dry it out terribly. A good lightening tip involves running lemon slices under water before squeezing the excess juice onto cotton balls.

Use these to apply the lemon to your face. You should not leave this on your face for more than a half hour before rinsing it off. After rinsing, do not forget to put on some moisturizer.

The Sun Is NOT Your NOT Your Friend

While sun can be damaging to your skin under normal circumstances, it is even worse when people have been using lemon on the skin. Your skin may be a bit drier than normal and this will allow the sun to cause damage a lot easier. Use sunscreen before leaving the house regardless of the season.

You should also do everything you can to avoid being in direct sunlight for lengthy periods of time. It is also not advisable to go tanning at the salon if you are going to treating your skin with lemon. The UV rays in combination with the lemons can cause a lot of damage. You can resume tanning and spending time in the sun once you have gotten your skin to the condition you want.

Often Does Not Equal Daily

You may be a little anxious to speed things along, but you need to be patient. As was stated a bit earlier, this is a process that takes time. You should not apply lemon to your skin every day in an effort to make things happen sooner. While you may end up lighter slightly earlier than you would have otherwise, you risk causing irreparable damage to the skin.

lemon 1It is good to use lemons no more than three to four times a week. Any more than that and you may end up with an entirely new skin problem you aren’t ready for.

Even when it is time to use the skin products that you have doctored with lemon, that should not happen every day. You should keep a new bottle around for those times in between the lemon treatment days.

Moisturizer Needs To Be Your New Best Friend

As I keep repeating within several of these tips, lemon juice can wreak havoc on the skin. It can cause your skin to become terribly dry. If you didn’t know, this can lead to premature wrinkles. Since you are concerned about removing dark spots on the skin, it is apparent you are very concerned about the way you look.

Use moisturizer daily to make sure that you don’t have to worry about dryness. You may already use a daily moisturizer. If you do, continue doing that. You may have to use something with a bit more moisturizing power since your routine has changed a little. If you notice more dryness than normal, switch products and use something more powerful.

Even though it may seem like there are a million and one warnings here against using lemons to lighten the skin, that is not true at all. There is nothing wrong with doing this as long as you understand what you need to do to avoid skin damage.


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