What Are The Best Skin Lighteners For Freckles?


clarins-modelSome people are born with freckles, but others get them later in life after spending a lot of time out in the sun. Freckles are not a harmful skin condition that you need to be overly concerned about. However, there are many people who just do not like having them.

The teenage age group are particularly vocal about their hate of freckles and their desire to get rid of them. There are several ways that you can lessen your freckles so that they are not so noticeable on your skin. Some of the best skin lighteners for freckles are mentioned in this article. So why not try them if those freckles are annoying you too much.

Lemon juice is the most commonly known skin lightener for freckles. It is also a very cheap remedy to use. It works because lemon juice has a bleaching agent within it. When this is used against natural freckles, it can help them to lighten, and in some cases disappear. Lemon juice does not work as well on freckles that came from the sun. That is because those freckles are generally darker than the freckles that you are born with.

To use lemon juice as a skin lightener, the first thing you need to do is grab a couple of lemons and squeeze them into a bowl. If you decide to use lemon juice that you have purchased in a bottle, make sure that it is pure lemon juice only and does not have any additives within it.

Once you have fresh lemon juice at the ready, apply it onto your freckles using a cotton ball that has been dipped into it. You should leave the lemon juice on your freckles for a period of 10 minutes before you wash it off with cold water. Repeat this method every day and you will notice that your freckles lighten over the next few weeks.

skin lightening for dark spotsAnother good freckle lightener that you can find easily within your home is milk-based products. Milk contains lactic acid and this will gently peel away the top layer of your skin. Do not be concerned as it does not hurt, nor is it going to damage your face. However, what it will do is make your freckles look a lot lighter when compared to before.

Start off by removing a tub of sour cream from your fridge. Take about 1/4 cup of this and rub it onto your freckled areas. Leave this for 10 minutes, wash off with cool water, and finally pat your skin dry with a soft towel.

Alternatively, grab a bottle of milk out of the fridge and get yourself ready for a milk wash. Just like the lemon juice, you pour a glass of milk into a bowl. Dip into this with a cotton ball and rub it all over your freckled areas.

Once it has dried for a period of 10 minutes, you can wash this away using cold water and then towel dry your face. If Cleopatra could get amazingly soft skin from bathing in milk, there is no reason that this will not do wonders for your face.

Did you know that fruit can be used for much more than a lunchtime snack? Go and grab a handful of strawberries and mash them up in a bowl with a couple of kiwifruit. Apply the mash to the parts of your face that have the most freckles. Once this face mask has dried, which takes about 20 minutes, you can wash it away with cold water.

Cucumbers and apricots make a good substitute for the other ingredients if you have these at hand instead. This face mask will help to take up the top layer of your skin, and that will do a lot for lightening the appearance of your freckles.

skin lightening ampoulesIf you do not find that these natural solutions are lightening your freckles fast enough, head on down to your local drugstore. Lightening creams come in a range of different bases and they are specifically designed to get rid of dark spots and freckles. The benefit of buying a cream is that if you use it every day, it can be effective against both natural and sun caused freckles.

Two of the most popular active ingredients in skin lightening creams are licorice extract and aloe. Both of these have been proven as being effective against your freckles.

At the end of the day there are plenty of ways you can tackle your freckles if you hate them that much. Once they have been lightened to a stage that they no longer bother you, then you should experience an increase in self-confidence about yourself. Do not let freckles define who you are, they are merely a small part of what makes you an individual.


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