What Is A Good Skin Lightener? Top Ingredients For Whitening Your Skin


 good skin lightener productIf you’re wondering what a good skin lightener product is, it’s actually a product that contains one active ingredient that’s well-known for being effective at whitening the skin.

When we say ‘active ingredient’, we do mean that that ingredient has a concentration at least 20% in a bottle.

In this article, we’re going to give you the full list of known acids and plant extracts that are currently being used in skin whitening products as the active ingredient. Read and learn.

If you have dark skin and acne at the same time, you can use products that contain 20% azelaic acid to treat both skin conditions.

Azelaic acid was originally intended as an anti-acne product but users found that a good side effect of frequent use is skin lightening and indeed, azelaic acid has been proven to effectively treat hyper pigmentation, lentigines and yes, rosacea.

A skin whitening cream that contains 20% azelaic acid with glycolic acid has been proven to be as effective as creams that contain 4% hydroquinone.Hydroquinone is a controversial product but it enjoys the endorsement of most dermatologists in the United States. It can inhibit melanin production, the one responsible for our skin’s color.

As we said before, hydroquinone is a controversial product and there are doubts as to how safely anyone can use it, however, dermatologists have dismissed the controversy as urban legend. Many of them still prescribe hydroquinone to patients who want to lighten their skin.

If using hydroquinone makes you uncomfortable, you might want to use a product that uses arbutin as the active ingredient. Derived from bearberry shrub, arbutin has been proven to have the same effects as hydroquinone, only that it does so in natural ways.

Arbutin is only effective in its purest form, so make sure you only use products that contain pure arbutin like deoxy-arbutin, beta-arbutin, and alpha-arbutin.

Japanese rice wineFrom Japan, you will find Kojic acid, a byproduct of making sake (Japanese rice wine) that effectively inhibits melanin production.

Kojic acid is produced when rice is fermented during sake production.If you’re already taking vitamin supplements, you might want to mega dose on Vitamin C.

Don’t use ascorbic acid though, instead, use the sodium ascorbyl phosphate, l-ascorbic acid and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate forms of Vitamin C because they are effective in brightening your skin.

Vitamin C in itself has no skin whitening properties, however, it does have skin brightening properties which make your skin look lighter.

From the Swiss Alps, you have Gigawhite, a product of synergistically combining the potency of seven Swiss alpine plants. At only 5% concentration, Gigawhite can effectively brighten your skin and even the skin tone. The seven alpine plants combined have the ability to inhibit tyrosinase, which is the enzyme that produces melanin or skin pigment.

Another natural product you might want to try is the root of dried mulberry. Mulberry extract can also inhibit tyrosinase from producing melanin. The good thing about it is that you can use it in high concentrations and not have to worry about skin irritation.

If you’re suffering from melasma or dark spots, you can use tranexamic acid to inhibit hyperpigmentation and melanocyte activity. Tranexamic acid is best for people who have darks spots that aren’t responding to regular skin whitening creams.

 another natural skin-whitening ingredientEllagic acid is another natural skin-whitening ingredient that’s taken from natural sources like pecans, walnuts, raspberries, blackberries and pomegranates.

Ellagic acid is also known as a natural hydroquinone alternative. With its strong anti-oxidant properties, it can also treat sun damage and increase your skin’s elasticity.

Taken from the Uva Ursi plant, bearberry extract is another natural skin whitener. It actually contains the natural form of hydroquinone. Unlike synthetic hydroquinone, bearberry extract is not toxic to your skin cells. With its anti-oxidant properties, it can also repair your skin’s cells while whitening your skin.

You will see from the list above that there are many items from nature that you can use to whiten your skin. So, if you think you’re better off with better, go shop for skin whitening products and that contains any of the items we mentioned above as the active ingredient, which active ingredient referring to a concentration of at least 20%, anything less than that will only waste your time and money.

To recap, these ingredients are azelaic acid, hydroquinone, arbutin, kojic acid, vitamin C, gigawhite, mulberry extract, tranexamic acid, ellagic acid, and bearberry extract.

You should use products that contain the ingredients mentioned above for at least two months before you can expect any results. Also, do not offset any good results by being out in the sun for long hours. The sun’s UV rays are a strong force that can beat out these whitening ingredients any time of the day.


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