What Type Of Skin Lightener Did Lil Kim Use?


Have you ever considered using a skin lightener before? This is probably not a consideration if you are Caucasian, or have a very light complexion. There are many people that have certain diseases like vitiligo where they need to use a skin lightener so that they can blend the blotches of white melanin free skin with the surrounding darker skin so that everything looks more normal.

But sometimes vanity plays a role in the use of these products, especially with celebrities. There is one celebrity by the name of Lil Kim that purportedly use some type of skin lightening product. In this article, we will discuss which one that was.

How Skin Lightening Products Work

HydroquinoneThese products are very unique in that they are able to effectively bleach your skin. The term bleaching, in this case, refers to either the removal of the upper layer of your skin using some type of acid, or it is the removal of melanin from the skin by preventing melanocytes from producing it.

So many products have come out that are capable of doing this, some much more safe than others.

For instance, one of the top sellers, and one that works very well is hydroquinone, known worldwide for its ability to stop the production of pigmentation in your skin. Due to some side effects that have occurred, many people have shied away from this particular product, going toward more natural remedies. Unfortunately, natural products that try to achieve the same results work much more slowly, with lemon juice as a good example.

Top Three Reasons That These Products Are Used

Before we discuss what Lil Kim used on her face to lighten up her skin, let’s discuss why most people choose to go this route, and it’s not always for a medical reason. The number one reason that people do this is because of a skin condition that has caused the blotches to appear.

We have already mentioned vitiligo, a condition that has no known cause, but is likely the result of heredity and stress. The second reason that people do this is they would like to have a lighter complexion. For some people, this gives them more confident about the way they look.

Chemical PeelsFinally, they do this because they have a desire to experiment, see how they would look with lighter skin, and therefore choose to use one of the many skin lightening creams available.

There is also another option that is related, and that has to do with doing what is called a chemical peel. This will factor in when we get to what it is that Lil Kim did in order to lighten up her complexion, and how she is able to do it so consistently.

Which Products Work Best?

Although we have already mentioned hydroquinone because it is probably the most recognized name in the skin bleaching industry, there are other products that have been used very effectively to accomplish a similar and result. One of the more popular ones that is derived from what is called bearberry is arbutin, and alternative to hydroquinone and other chemically based products.

This extract is able to also reduce or prevent the production of melanin, affecting the same type of change. Kojic acid is another popular product that is made from the fermentation of rice. In the same way that Japanese Sake is produced, this acid is derived in the same way, and can also inhibit melanin production in the skin.

Finally there is a product that comes from certain types of grain called Azelaic acid which has been used to treat acne for many years. It is very effective at handling skin discolorations, problems like vitiligo, and can be used as a viable replacement for chemically based skin lightening creams.

What Type Of Skin Lightener Did Lil Kim Use?

Lil Kim According to many of the reports, Lil Kim actually uses chemical peels. This is a viable alternative to using skin bleaching creams, a procedure that is usually used by those that are trying to reduce wrinkles.

By removing the upper layer of your skin, and allowing it to naturally grow back, the existing melanin in the top layer is removed, rendering your skin much lighter.

This would make sense in that she has the money to do this type of procedure, something that could produce great results. Plus it would be very quick, and also very expensive, which would blend credibility to the reports that she is using a chemical peel and not an average and inexpensive skin lightening solution.

Whether you choose to do this yourself using one of the many over-the-counter creams that is available, or if you go to your dermatologist to get a prescription, you can achieve the same results that Lil Kim was able to accomplish whether you use and all-natural skin lightener, a pharmaceutically based product, or a chemical peel which can produce the same results.


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