What You Need To Know About Skin Bleaching


Light skin looks beautiful, but it can be hard to achieve if you are an African-American woman. Using light makeup doesn’t look natural, but many skin lightening creams contain hydroquinone which has been linked to cancer. If you want to lighten your skin, there are some great options that are available to you. Read on to learn more about skin bleaching.

Is Skin Bleaching Safe?

no mercurySkin bleaching can be safe, but it depends on the products you use to bleach your skin. You don’t want to use products that contain mercury or high levels of hydroquinone because they can be toxic.

Mercury can actually kill you in high enough doses and high levels of hydroquinone have been linked to cancer and can even make your skin darker. It is important to do research on any skin lightening product you are thinking about using.

Does Skin Bleaching Have Side Effects?

If you use the wrong skin lightening products, you could end up with unwanted side effects that can be severed. Your skin could become permanently darker from an overdose of hydroquinone. Your skin can also become thinner where the bleach is applied and you may end up with dark skin around your eyes.

What Is Hydroquinone?

HydroquinoneHydroquinone is one of the main ingredients used in skin lightening products. It is safe if you use it up to a 4 percent concentration, but if you go above this level, it could be dangerous. The great thing about hydroquinone is that it really works.

It has been clinically proven to slow down the production of melanin and it really will lighten your skin. Unfortunately, because it is so effective, people have abused it and it has been banned in some countries.

Are Skin Bleaching Products That Contain Arbutin Better?

Arbutin is a natural product and is commonly found in bearberry or mulberry fruit. Arbutin can inhibit melanin production and is effective for skin bleaching.

It is all natural and effective, but it takes longer to see the effects. You may not notice any improvement in your skin for six to eight weeks.

What Are Some Natural Skin Bleaching Treatments?

If you don’t want to risk your skin with hydroquinone products, you can try natural skin bleaching treatments before you move on to chemical treatments. There are plenty of natural products that can bleach your skin and they won’t cause side effects either. While they take longer to work, they are completely safe for your skin.

Lemon Juice Is An Effective Skin Bleach

Lemon juiceLemon juice is great for drinking and it is also a great skin bleach. Lemon juice is acidic and these acids will gently bleach and lighten your skin. Lemon juice is also full of antioxidants and the vitamin C is nourishing to your skin.

Some people find that their skin is irritated by the juice, so if you experience irritation stop using it immediately. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice onto a cotton ball and apply it to your face. Wash it off after 10 minutes. Do this once a day and you will start to see results in six to eight weeks.

Explore The Bleaching Properties Of Yogurt

Yogurt is a great skin bleach and it nourishes your skin and makes it look soft and hydrated. Yogurt contains lactic acid which will bleach your skin and the fatty acids in the milk will make it glow and look hydrated.

Yogurt is easy to use as a skin bleach. Just rub the yogurt into your skin and wash it off in a few minutes. If you do this once a day you will see some significant skin lightening.

Lighten Your Skin With Oranges

Lighten Your Skin With OrangesOranges will bleach your skin due to their acid content. They are also full of vitamin C which is good for your skin an an antioxidant.

Oranges will bleach your skin and they will exfoliate it as well, so you don’t have dead skin cells to make your complexion look dull. Rub orange slices over your skin and leave it one for 10 minutes. Wash it off and continue with your daily routine.

Bleach Your Skin With Honey

Honey has skin bleaching properties and is very moisturizing at the same time. Honey is also an antibacterial agent and will help fade your acne scars and sun spots. Just apply the honey to your face and leave it on for 15 minutes. Do this once a day and you will see lighter skin in no time.

If you decide that natural treatments aren’t enough, there are plenty of over the counter treatments for bleaching your skin. Just be sure to read the labels carefully and don’t use any products that contain more than four percent hydroquinone. Skin bleaching is a slow process, but the results are worth it.


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